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Police says illegally parked photo is old

(L) The old photo of the illegally parked police car about two years. (R) The spot as it appears today.
(L) The old photo of the illegally parked police car about two years ago. (R) The spot as it appears today.

On Monday, 15 September, a local news website reported that a police car was caught in a parking spot of Camana Bay designated for disabled people. The website provided a picture and stated that, “according to the person who took the picture, the car was captured on film on 9 September.” In a statement police revealed that through investigation it has determined that the picture is not recent, but was taken earlier than two years ago.

The RCIPS Professional Standards Unit started the investigation to identify the officer responsible for parking in the disabled parking space. With the help of security at Camana Bay they were able to identify the space which was painted over by the property management as a regular parking spot “some two years ago”. “Therefore, the picture could not have been taken on the date alleged,” stated the RCIPS.

Despite this, the driver of the police car was in violation of the Law, but the RCIPS implies that nothing much can be done to catch the perpetrator due to the length of time that has already passed.

“We do take this offence seriously and regret that due to the significant passage in time that it might be difficult to identify the officer responsible.  All of our officers are aware that such violations will be prosecuted pursuant to the Traffic Law,” police said.




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