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Cayman sprinkles happiness

Sprinklers sharing happy messages with passersby Photo: Mari Abe
Sprinklers sharing happy messages with passersby
Photo: Mari Abe

The Happiness Sprinkling project made its way to Cayman this past Tuesday, 9 December 2014. Persons in bright yellow clothing gathered at the corner of Lawrence Bld on West Bay road across from the RUBiS gas station to sprinkle happiness on passersby. Large signs with positive messages were held up as a source of encouragement. Affirming phrases like, “You are delightful” and “You are a good parent”
were displayed alongside signs promoting peace and rest like the ones that read, “Breathe…”

The Happiness Sprinkling project was founded by a group from The Center for Happiness in Anacortes, WA, USA. The creator of the project was inspired by a photo posted on her Facebook wall and decided to get a group together to spread some happiness via bright yellow apparel and ‘good news’ signs. The first project took place on 22 May 2012 in Anacortes and shortly thereafter the movement was born. The signs have travelled across the US and Canada and their first overseas appearance was here in Cayman.

Organiser of the Cayman Happiness Sprinkling project, Marzeta Bodden, said, “We had a wonderful time! The sprinkling brought so much positivity and excitement to the people passing by and those who witnessed it via online posts. People driving by clearly loved the good cheer and responded with big smiles, waves, fist pumps, and honks. When possible, drivers and people walking by were given cards that contained a positive message on one side and the project’s official website (HappinessSprinklingProject.org) on the other.”

About 25 ‘sprinklers’ came out to the two hour event that was supported by DJ Jay Stylez, who kept the participants pumped as he spun high energy dance hits. Seven Mile RUBis graciously provided power for the tunes and X107.1featured the event on the Blake and Erin morning show. Beneficial Tv were also on hand to capture photos and video the event.

Event participants were also pleasantly surprised by staff from the nearby Cimboco restaurant who came out to offer themfresh breakfast pizza to fuel their efforts- a gesture that Miss Bodden said was deeply appreciated.

Passersby weren’t the only ones who responded well to the campaign. Social media outlets, Instagram and Facebook lit up with responses.One Instagram post showed a photo of three of the ‘sprinklers’ and read “I don’t care what their motive is, they made me smile this morning.” Someone replied to that post, “I didn’t even have to see them, your post of them inspires me.”

Commenting on one sprinkler’s post-event photos, one Facebook comment read, “I drove across this morning! How awesome!! This made me day!” while another said “Love it!!! How can I join in next time? This is needed every day!”

Happiness, it appears, is catching, as even the sprinklers themselves were impacted by their own actions. One sprinkler referred to the group as the “happiest people alive” and another sprinkler, some 12 hours later said, “I cannot stop smiling.”

The sprinklers added their name, location, and the event date to the back of the signs before leaving the event. The signs will be shipped to the next Happiness Sprinkling Ambassador in line up north in Massachusetts. There amid a sea of yellow in the wintery cold they will bring some cheer and maybe some Cayman sunshine.



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