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It started with a cake…

Annick Jackman
Annick Jackman

By Annick Jackman

I recently attended a wedding summit and while I was there I heard a remarkable story and met an amazing young man by the name of Jarvis Lawhorn.

He shared with me that his family celebrated the young men in the family by holding a right of passage celebration for them. When he was 11, his family was planning one such event and he remembered this fantastic cake he had seen in a magazine for a celebrity event.

Even though he was only 11 years old he did his homework and discovered the celebrity event planner who orchestrated that event. With his mother’s permission, he called the office of this celebrity event planner and they welcomed his call! In fact the planner’s assistant welcomed his call for two years! He was taken aback that someone so young would call and have a list of questions that he wanted to know.

When Jarvis finally spoke with the Celebrity planner she was amazed at the details that he knew. She had heard her assistant talk about him and the fact that he was aware of all the various events down to the names of the brides/ grooms. She then invited him to intern with their company; an absolute dream come true for Jarvis!

I was inspired as I listened to his story because it shows that persistence pays off! At 11 years old, he had an interest in the event business. He immersed himself in it and kept reaching out to other event planners to have a conversation with them about the business even though he would receive rude and abrupt responses.

He could have given up many times but he didn’t and as a result, there he was attending this summit, learning from one of the best in the business and being a part of high profile weddings!

The second inspiration for me was the reminder that there is opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life! Kudos to the assistant and the Celebrity planner who welcomed Jarvis’ questions and conversations at his young age; who paid attention to him to help mold him in the business.

It is easy to dismiss people when we think their experience is less than ours but I am thankful for those who mentored me when I was new in my profession and for sure there is nothing more fulfilling than being able in some small way to help someone reach their full potential!

Annick Jackman is a professional in the field of Marketing.

She is also a Distinguished Toastmaster of the Grand Cayman Toastmasters Club who has conducted Public Speaking training and mentoring over the last ten years.

Any opinions expressed here are the author’s own.

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