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Letter to Editor- Re: Date change for Cayman Carnivals

Re: Proposal for date change for Cayman Carnival Batabano and Braccanal

I would greatly appreciate if you would allow me the opportunity to respond to the article that was published in the edition of Friday 26th August as per the above reference.

I read with keen interest, had a good laugh and shook my head based on the following:

  • The minimal points of argument for the change in date of the actual Cayman Carnival Batabano. The focus is mainly on the Braccanal event.
  • The so called reasoning as to why the event dates should be changed
  • The lack of truth as to really why the “Concerned Masqueraders” want the dates to these events changed,

First and foremost, it can be construed that  the article is from the concerned leaders of a particular mas band. Fool some of the crowd, can’t fool all of the crowd. For those of us who know better, we are fully aware that this group’s leaders have submitted this argument based on the fact that they would like to break away fully from the organisation of Cayman Carnival and have their own event and mainly over a holiday weekend. It is evident that such an event that started many moons ago, blossomed and grown has now become a business rather than a fun carnival event to those that have sampled the waters “BIG”.

It is funny that they can take the time to lay out the “pros and cons” of why the date should be change. However let me share some of my pros and cons as to why it should not be changed.

For such a small country with a population of just under 60,000 to change the dates and separate the two events by a month is a waste of time and the latter event will flop. Bearing in mind the junior event in the Brac has to also be factored in.

June is a month for many of the masqueraders that are parents in which we are very much involved in our children’s end of year school graduations, proms etc… and that too includes the juniors that would also be participating in the junior events.

When masqueraders get pumped and are in the mood for carnival it has to happen then with a continuation shortly there-after for the Sister Islands. To put it aside/down and try to pick it up a month later can and will not succeed.

Braccanal is an event that, as long as I have known and participated in it, has always been in May and therefore should remain in May. Yes during the weekend in May it is very busy in Cayman Brac but it’s a good busy! Like the repeat visitors that return to our beautiful shore annually – they book for their accommodations, air and car as soon as they return home and are prepared to return the following year; same time. I know because I am in the industry. In fact they come the same time every year because of that one special event/occasion that is consistent to their schedule as they do have other places besides Cayman to visit annually.

In ending my response I would like to ask the so “Concerned Masqueraders” that submitted this article, how many of you graced us in Cayman Brac this year with your costumes, the other many years and how many of you are planning to come in 2017? Instead of trying to break away, come together, unite, support and make this another successful event for the Cayman Islands. Instead of a you and me event make it a WE event. Work with the Cayman Batabano committee and not against them.

Members of Braccanal Committee, I have already addressed this issue with some of you when it came to light shortly after 2016’s event and I stated that you should stand firm and stick to your guns. See you in 2017 and we will make this event BIGGER and BETTER.


A Cayman Carnival Batabano/Braccanal Masquerader

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