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Driest year on record

The Cayman Islands is currently experiencing its driest year on record, with an 18-inch deficit in rainfall through the end of October.
The Cayman Islands is currently experiencing its driest year on record in 2016

The Cayman Islands experienced its driest year since records began in 2016.

Rainfall data collected at the Owen Roberts International Airport for 2016 by the Cayman Islands National Weather Service was a very dry 27.98 inches. This total represents the driest year on their records that go back to the 1950s with the previous record being 35.61 inches in 1997. The normal is based on a 30 year average rainfall total is 56.2 inches. January 2016 was the only month of the year where measured rainfall was greater than what is expected based on the 30-year average.

The low rainfall totals in the early year dry season (January to April) was not surprising as the few cold fronts that passed through the area produced only limited rainfall. Mid May is usually the start of the rainy season however last year it was limited to two rainy days that produced just below 2 inches of rainfall and only 3.04 inches for the month. The records indicate that the pattern of low rainfall totals continued through the summer wet season leaving Cayman with very high monthly deficits notably in September through November when deficit numbers were -4.87, -3.72 and -5.89 inches respectively.


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