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Deadline nears for correct voter info

Deadline nears for correct voter info

By Charles Duncan

The Elections Office still has 95 names on its voter rolls that need updated information, most importantly with correct addresses. The deadline for voter claims and objections is Monday, Feb. 20.

Elections supervisor Wesley Howell said his staff has been doing everything they can to get people registered for the May election, including going door-to-door across the islands and extending the registration period. He said the list needing corrections has been cut in half over the past month, “but I’d like to see that number at zero.”

Mr. Howell said the Elections Office is publishing a list of the remaining 95 names that need updated information in the island’s newspapers Friday, with hopes that voters will correct that information by the Monday deadline.

Exact address information is more important than ever with the new one-man one-vote system. Despite some complaints and confusion about the new way people vote for Legislative Assembly members, Mr. Howell said, “it will be absolutely clear to them on Nominations Day.”

He said most people understand how the new system works, with voters from each of the 19 polling districts able to vote for only the candidates representing that area.

Some people, he said, are used to voting for their favourite candidates, especially in West Bay and Bodden Town, but now they may not be able to vote for that candidate if they do not live in the right district.

“They understand it, but they don’t like it,” the elections supervisor said.

“There is serious interest in this election,” Mr. Howell said, pointing to the 3,000 new voters who signed up for this election.

The next major election deadline is Nomination Day, when candidates formally declare their intent to run for a specific seat in the Legislative Assembly. Nomination Day is Mar. 29.

Candidates will need to be nominated by two voters in the district, but candidates themselves do not have to live in that district.

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