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Dr. Tomlinson’s statement on Health City

Dr. Steve Tomlinson

In response to an enquiry, about the relationship between Health City and Dr. Steve Tomlinson, The Cayman Reporter received the following statement from their CEO and medical services director, Dr. Chandy Abraham.

“My relationship as CEO with Dr. Tomlinson over the past few years has been positive. Dr. Tomlinson has showed real interest in the high quality tertiary care that we have been providing and this is proven by the fact that even his close family have availed themselves of our services. He has stated to me that he believes in our work and wants for us to be successful now and in the future.”

Speaking to Dr. Tomlinson, he revealed that he is aware that some members of the community believe that he is opposed to Health City and could be assisting candidates, who, if elected, would work against Health City.

In a statement released to The Cayman Reporter Dr. Tomlinson commented: “I wish to assure the public that I wish Health City the very best and I have no intention of supporting anyone or anything to the detriment of the organisation.

“I am aware that Health City has helped scores of patients and it even saved the life of my brother; moreover, I refer patients to the facility on a regular basis and all times it saves them from going overseas.

“Had the previous government given the same concessions and benefits to all medical facilities in the Cayman Islands as they did to Health City, I would have had no objection whatsoever from the very beginning.

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