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Pitcairn twins complete double

Jade Pitcairn and Mark Chaloner

The EFG Bank Cayman National Junior Squash Championships provided the stage in which the Pitcairn twins dominated this year although they are only 15 years old.

David and Jade entered both the Under 17 and Under 19 categories in the event from April 26-29 at the South Sound Squash Centre. The juniors have progressed well under head coach Mark Chaloner.

David scored the first major upset against No. 1 seed in the boys U19, Christian Dube. Game 1 was a nip and tuck affair with each player testing the other’s patience, but at the end it was David who kept his cool and claimed the game 12-10. The second showed Dube’s resilience and determination when he crept ahead midway through the game by five points and managed to hold onto this lead to even up the scoreline 11-6.

With the scores level Pitcairn got off to a flier in the third game and appeared to surprise Dube with a string of fantastically structured rallies, outmaneuvering his opponent and gaining an unassailable lead and winning 11-2. The fourth game proved to be much closer, the players traded rally after rally which seemed to last forever. It showed that Pitcairn was the fitter guy on the evening eventually taking this game and the match 11-8, securing his place in the final.

In the final Pitcairn met Isaiah Robinson, another Cayman Islands teammate from the Caribbean Area Squash events. Pitcairn was very focused in this match. In each game Robinson started solidly but around half way through it was Pitcairn’s tenacity that gave him the title 3-0.

The Under 17 final was against Nathan Maclean who proves to be a constantly improving junior, fighting for every point and keeping Pitcairn on his toes throughout the match, but again he was the stronger player on the day and won 3-0.

Jade Pitcairn didn’t drop a single game in either of her age group events and solidified her position as Cayman’s strongest female junior.

David Pitcairn with Mark Chaloner

In the Under 17 final she played Kali Maclean, whose retrieving is remarkable, but the extra power Pitcairn has seemed to put too much pressure on Maclean who was tenacious, but struggled to control the ball which was hit with such power and pace against her leading to a 3-0 victory for Pitcairn. In the Under 19 final, Pitcairn faced Emma Turnbull who has put a lot of training time in this past year and it showed.

The first game Pitcairn took a six point lead when Turnbull struggled to gain control of her nerves. However, when she gained more composure she started to return the pressure on Jade. The rallies were very close and both girls were really testing each other with some fantastic shots, but the slow start for Turnbull meant Pitcairn took the first game 11-5.

The second game was even from the start, Pitcairn’s power seemed to help her move Turnbull around the court, but she responded with some fast reflex shots, surprising Pitcairn and forcing the occasional error leading to a 7-all stand off.
All of a sudden, Pitcairn raised her game as she fired in shot after shot taking the game 11-7. The third game was also very competitive, but the confidence Pitcairn seemed to have from being 2-0 up gave her the edge and she claimed the title 11-6.

The boys Under 13 and Under 15 events were dominated by the best friend rivalry of Jace Jervis and Pierce Terry. These two are constant opponents it seems on and off the squash court, which is great for pushing each other along in a positive, self-improving way.

Jervis’ route to the final of the Under 15 event wasn’t all that straightforward though. His semi-final opponent, Ollie Hill severely challenged him. Jervis was two games up when Hill showed his character and claimed the third and fourth games both 11-9. This was a good wake up call for Jervis who was seeded No.

1 and has the expectation to follow in his brother Julian’s successful footsteps, but this match showed that these things don’t just happen without some commitment and focus. The fifth game proved that he is very capable, although Hill had given his absolute all in order to gain the prior two games, he didn’t have much left in the tank and Jervis claimed the match 11-3.

The first final between Jervis and Terry was the Under 13 event and it was a cracker of a match. The first game was a good indication of how close these guys are with Jervis taking it 13-11. The second game showed that the fitness level of Jervis was better than Terry as he struggled to recover from the efforts of the first, whilst Jervis was able to keep going at the same pace and went 2-0 up. In the third game Terry was fighting hard and managed to get a lead and not let it go, winning it 11-6.

The fourth game was even closer, with Terry still battling and never giving in, getting to a 9-all stand off. The next two points were huge. Jervis decided to try for an easy winner, which proved to be the wrong choice when he made a mistake, Terry immediately followed this with some outrageous retrieving eventually forcing Jervis to take too big a risk again and giving his opponent the game 11-9.

In the fifth game it was Jervis who managed to get his focus back and stop making mistakes at the crucial times. The rallies were long, but Jervis was able to gain a lead, which he managed to hold onto winning the game and match 11-6.
These guys had a short time to rest before their Under 15 title match. This one swung the other way as Terry claimed the first game 11-9. Terry now appears to be the fitter of the two players and this made all the difference in this match. Terry won the second and third games 11-8,11-7.

The girls Under 15 event was won by Lauren Fullerton against Shaelah Parchment Henry 3-0 and in the girls Under 13 event Olivia Kluyver overcame Jade Barnard in a very tightly contested 3-0. The boys Under 11 event saw Brodey McComb beat Robby Madden 3-0. The girls Under 11 final was contested by Sasha Hardie against Ailey Finch, with Hardie coming out on top of a fantastic match.

EFG Bank Cayman National Junior Squash Championships 2017
Boys U 11 Winner – Brody McComb
Boys U 11 Runner Up – Robby Madden
Girls U 11 Winner – Sasha Hardie
Girls U 11 Runner Up – Ailey Finch
Boys U 13 Winner – Jace Jervis
Boys U 13 Runner Up – Pierce Terry
Girls U 13 Winner – Olivia Kluyver
Girls U 13 Runner Up – Jade Barnard
Boys U 15 Winner – Pierce Terry
Boys U 15 Runner Up – Jace Jervis
Girls U 15 Winner – Lauren Fullerton
Girls U 15 Runner Up – Shaelah Parchment Henry
Boys U 17 Winner – David Pitcairn
Boys U 17 Runner Up – Nathan Maclean
Girls U 17 Winner – Jade Pitcairn
Girls U 17 Runner Up – Kali Maclean
Boys U 19 Winner – David Pitcairn
Boys U 19 Runner Up – Isaiah Robinson
Girls U 19 Winner – Jade Pitcairn
Girls U 19 Runner Up – Emma Turnbull

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