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Letter to the editor – Alden McLaughin ‘underhanded’

Isn’t it a pity that we have a premier who we entrusted to represent us for the last four years and who is now proving to be the most slanderous and underhanded politician in this 2017 campaign.

Mr. Alden waited until the last minute to choose to run in what he assumed to be the weakest area so that he could be as nasty as possible to achieve a win.

Dear public, how weak, how underhanded and demeaning plus insecure can one man be to tear down another man this way that he might win.

If he does this to another politician, then tell me what would he do to us? As Caymanians one can never rise again. This is a disgraceful and underhanded move.

It is time that we, as Caymanians, stop degrading one another whenever we find it convenient. Kenneth Bryan got a great endorsement from Mr. Alden when he was with him, yet today, Mr. Alden is proving to be an underhanded wimp to tear down another Caymanian because of his past that he has overcome.

Now what would he as premier do to us the general public fighting for jobs and a place of recognition in our own country?

You tell me!

(Name withheld)

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