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Mums are extra special

The Cayman Reporter partnered with Agua Restaurant and Catch Restaurant and Lounge to offer two of our reader’s a delicious treat – a $250 voucher to either restaurant. All readers had to do was share their favourite picture of themselves and their mum along with letting us know what made their mum extra special. Emilie Edgington and Soraya Sophia Moghadass were the lucky winners. There musings about their mums, along with a selection of others are shared below.

Soraya Sophia Moghadass

My mum is special because she was the one that gave me the confidence to not miss the opportunity to move to Cayman in 2013 and gave me the courage to leave home because she said that there would always be a place for me if I ever wanted to go back. This May she is coming back to visit me for the third time and I am so proud and blessed to have her as my mum!

Emilie Edgington

My mother Beverly is not only the best mother a young girl could ask for she is also a supportive friend, a taxi driver, a cheerleader, an advice giver, the perfect listener and a true inspiration. Because of her continuous support and dedication to my life, I have been able to peruse my passions and have the most amazing opportunities given to me. Without her love and compassion I would not be the person I am today. Love you mummy to the moon and back.

Naomi Taylor

My mum is truly special as she has supported me so much over the years and particularly with our move to Cayman. She will be here next month and would be delighted to be treated to a fantastic meal to thank her for being her.

Abigail Davis

I used to say that I was the apple and my mum was the tree, and I certainly didn’t fall very far. But that’s not entirely accurate. If my mom is the tree. Then I am the bird that grew up in her branches.

My mother protected me and encourages me when I am down. She helps me to give back to others and gave me a solid foundation to come home to. I didn’t fall from her, I flew because of her.

My mother needs this gift more than I can tell. My mom is the best thing that ever happened to me. I love my mom

Darlene Dilbert

My mom is my everything. She is special because she brings me light when there is darkness, she has held my hand when I have been in pain, my mom and I have been there so much in life together we have protected each other and we have saved each other.

When my mom was struggling she still found every way to feed myself and my sisters and my brother, she has given up so much and sacrificed so much just to make us happy.

My mom is like a super hero. She puts everyone before herself. I am proud to have her as a mother and I want to give back to her

Trish Jones

What makes my mom extra special is because she is one of a kind like no other she is more than just a mother she is a survivor and a fighter of leukaemia cancer. My two sisters and I almost lost her a few years ago but she didn’t give up fighting and she has been cancer free for six years now.

I am so happy that she is still here with us today stronger than ever. She just celebrated her 72 birthday in March with all of her children and grandchildren and great granddaughter and son in law.

I thank God every day that she is still here with us and I love her to the moon and back 10 times!
Love you mummy from your baby girl

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