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Banged up abroad: Data reveals amount of expats behind bars – VIDEO


Inmates from around the world are currently in prison here in Cayman.

By Paul Kennedy

[email protected]

Caymanian crooks make up more than three quarters of all inmates serving sentences at Her Majesty’s Prisons Northward and Fairbanks, data has revealed.

Other nationalities behind bars include Jamaicans, Hondurans,  Columbians, two from the United Kingdom, one Canadian and one from Bulgaria.

The criminal league of nations has been compiled by The Cayman Reporter using material received under a Freedom of Information request.

It shows 76 percent of the 147 convicts in prison are Caymanian. Ten of those have been jailed for life.

The rest of those behind bars consists of:

  • Jamaicans – 17
  • Hondurans – 3
  • Columbians – 3
  • Guyanese – 2
  • British – 2
  • Cuban – 2
  • St. Vincian – 1
  • Canadian – 1
  • Filipino – 1
  • Bulgarian – 1
  • Dominican – 1

The majority of expats behind bars are serving sentences for drug offences. The largest being the inmate from St. Vincent and the Grenadines who was jailed for 14 years back in 2012 for possession of cocaine with intent to supple.

Two of the three Columbians incarcerated were both jailed for more than nine years for importing cocaine. The third was sentenced to 12 years in prison for gross indecency.

In total, the two Brits banged up are serving a combined sentence of six and a half years. One for inflicting grievous bodily harm and reckless driving, and the other for financial crimes.

But it’s no surprise that Jamaicans make up the majority of foreign inmates as most expats living in Cayman hail from our near neighbour.

There are two serving life in prison, one for murder and robbery and the other for murder and rape. Four for gun related offences, two for robberies and the rest for violent crimes including attempted murder and assault.

The other foreign lifer is Guyanese and was jailed last year for murder.

Back in March, government announced a new law to put tighter restrictions in place for visitors coming to Cayman from Bulgaria and Romania.

Anyone arriving from those countries must now have a visa to enter Cayman.

Although this was put in place after a number of criminals were convicted of credit card fraud and theft from Bulgaria and Romania, there is currently just one Bulgarian in prison here, jailed last year for theft and attempted theft.

The rest of the nationalities in prison here were sentenced for rape (Filipino), child pornography (Dominican), motoring offences (Cuban and Honduran) and theft and forgery (Canadian).

Neil Lavis, director of prisons, said: “We treat all nationalities the same, our job is to hold them securely and more importantly try to lower the risk they present to society on their release, thus giving them the opportunity to break the cycle of reoffending.”



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