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Premier says he’s shy, not arrogant  

Premier Alden McLaughlin on his farm

By Paul Kennedy

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Premier Alden McLaughlin has revealed he was a very shy child – and his demur demeanor wrongly paints him as arrogant.

Cayman’s leader was speaking in a professionally produced video which went online this week in the run up to the country going to the polls.

Made by Cayman Spaces, the video shows the premier relaxing on his farm in East End and cycling around the country.

But it’s at the very beginning he made the revelation about his childhood.

“I was a painfully shy child,” he said. “I’ve had to work through that all my life. Unfortunately a lot of people interpret my shyness as being aloofness or being standoffish or even arrogant at times.

“It’s none of those things. It’s just the way that I am that I’ve battled with my entire life.”

The three minute clip which has appeared on YouTube also contains testimonies from fellow Progressives – who say the premier is more comfortable wearing his cycling outfit than he is in a suit.

Joey Hew, tourism councillor  said: “The Premier you see in a suit at the cocktail parties is a very uncomfortable guy.

“If you take that jacket off and you take that tie off and get an opportunity to walk around the farm with him or go for a bike ride, then you meet the real person.”

The premier also described his farm as his “happy place,” and revealed when the pressure of running the country is getting to him, that’s the place he goes to unwind.

“Whenever pressures really reaches me, I’ll just disappear from the office, put on my work clothes, come up here and fall in with whatever my guys are doing, whether they are weeding or planting, fertilising or spraying,” McLaughlin said.

“After four or five hours of that it clears my mind and I get back into the harness again and continue with the business of running the country.”

To watch the video in full, click here.


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