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Don’t hand PR out to all

I’m very concerned with the current status of the pending permanent residency applications. Not so much from the “poor life in limbo” perspective but more from the “ungrateful litigious” view.

I have no doubt there are some on the list who should receive PR but do we really want the others who demand it and in cases sue or threaten to sue the very country which gave them the incredible opportunity to become a citizen,

There has been a delay in processing the applications which really stems from the changes in providing this new opportunity to become a citizen of a small, successful country. In some cases, this delay may have caused hardship but for the most part the people really had nothing better to do or they would have abandoned their applications and gone and won the Powerball or pursued whatever other remote opportunity was out there for them.

I’m concerned that the newly formed government will blanket grant PR either blaming the prior government for the necessity, or in the case of a coalition PPM blaming an undetailed and vague reference to “human rights” and “constitutional law”.

There is no specific requirement under Cayman law for us to grant these PRs either with regard to tenure on island (inclusive or exclusive of application waiting time) or delay in processing. We cannot be expected to grant PR applications equating to 4 percent (ignoring the immediate and eventual rights of families who apply) of our citizenship when even larger countries such as U.S. only grant approximately 0.25 percent per year and they have a more diverse and flexible economy. We have two main industries and the financial services one is contracting significantly due to often predatory and exclusive regulation.

But our last government didn’t really create a sense of entitlement as much as switch it from the benefit of the people of the country (as common with most countries’ immigration policies) to the benefit of the expatriates.

There is the expectation of work permits by companies and PR/status by individuals. I truly hope the next government “grows some” and does what’s best for its people.

I am not xenophobic and am actually a paper Caymanian however I still see my (non Mac lottery) status receipt as an incredible honour.

Name withheld

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  1. No wonder this letter was “name withheld” – the same false premises and short sightedness we always see when someone tries to wave the red rag of “Caymanians Only”.

    • It reads Caymanians first to me and your unspecific “false premises” and unsupported “short sightedness” are the only “red rags” I see.