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UPDATED: Stolen pups returned to owner

UPDATED: Thursday, June 1

Khichala Robinson has been reunited with her two stolen puppies, Ginger and Skye.

The emotional reunion took place on Thursday, May 31, nearly two weeks after the five-month-old pups were stolen from her yard. She said that both pups were in good health and did not seem to be harmed or distressed by their ordeal.

The two pooches were taken from their home on Sunblaze Drive, Orchid Heights in the early hours of Friday, May 19.

Mrs Robinson said: “Somebody saw them playing in a property in Newlands and informed me right away. I immediately went to get them with the police. God is good.”

She added that it was because of Paws Veterinary Services and a “special someone who saw our puppies and made the miracle rescue a reality,” that Ginger and Skye are now back home safe and sound.



By Joanna Lewis


Two five-month old puppies have been stolen in what the owner believes to be a “cruel attempt” to breed them for money.

The puppies, Ginger and Skye, are Pitbull and Bull Mastiff mixes, and typically fetch up to $800 per pup.

Khichala Robinson, a registered nurse, said they were stolen from her fenced-in yard on Sunblaze Drive, Orchid Heights, during the early hours of Friday, May 19.

The puppies were part of a litter of eight, and were bred from the family’s two dogs, Bella and Caeser. The other six puppies had been given to loving homes – church and work friends of Mrs Robinson.

“The puppies were part of my family and we are all heartbroken,” Mrs Robinson said, adding: “Bella and Caeser are also distressed, spending their time wandering around the yard, sniffing and searching for their babies.”

She said: “I think whoever took them has been watching and befriending the pups. It is odd that Bella just let them take her puppies. She is usually very possessive of them.”

Mrs Robinson added that she was extremely concerned for the welfare of the pups. “Whoever has taken them will want to breed them and make money. These people will overbreed them, they aren’t concerned about their welfare or health. It’s just about money.”

The theft has been reported to the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, Bodden Town. Mrs Robinson’s Facebook page states that there will be a “good monetary reward” for the safe return of the two puppies.

If you have any information contact Mrs Robinson on 926-9520.

About Joanna Lewis

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  1. An admitted breeder, does she have a license for that? It sucks that the puppies have gone missing/were stolen but a crack down on backyard breeders needs to happen. If she is within the law then great but so many are not and ultimately she is producing mutts and people are foolish to pay that much for a pet they can get for a much smaller adoption fee from the shelter.

    • Pets, & dogs in particular are a mans best friend & in her case she showed enough sympathy for them being taken to go forward with an audience & try get them back. The law is the law, & maybe their needs to be something done about illegal breeding, but do you even know her history with the animals? I dont think so, oh & by the way, a good samaritan brought her back the puppys earlier this week:D