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Facing off for the future of the Cayman Islands

  • Dr. Steve Tomlinson
  • Cayman Reporter Editor Joanna Lewis
  • Cayman Reporter journalist Paul Kennedy


By Pauline Kennedy and Joseph Lewis

New Premier Alden McLaughlin Wednesday described the last seven days as the longest in his political career.

Well spare a thought for the voter as well. Each and every one of them who went to the polls have all had a stressful week as the cloud of political uncertainty loomed large above Cayman.

Now the dust has settled and a new Government has been formed, the hard work begins.

But before Cayman’s new Members of the Legislative Assembly knuckle down to the serious business of running the country, we thought we’d have a bit of fun and give our readers a little light relief after a roller coaster political week.

A popular smart phone app right now called FaceApp lets you see what you will look like when you get older – and it also shows how you would appear if you smiled more often.

But the big talking point is that the app can actually change your gender, while kind of. And turns a man into a woman and vice versa.

Who better to try this app on? You’ve got it, our newly elected members of course. But to keep all things fair and funny, we also put Governor Helen Kilpatrick through the application, the man many have labelled the country’s unelected Premier, Dr. Steve Tomlinson, and members of our editorial team.

The top left picture is the original, then with the “smile” feature applied, the “old” feature applied, and finally the gender swap feature.

So low and behold, here’s our government as you’ve never seen them before.

But remember, politics is no laughing matter and the future of the Cayman Islands is serious business so now is the time to support our new leaders every step of the way… in flat shoes or high heels.

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  1. Have a laugh, its okay, its a free country 😀

    • A loaugh, this aint no laughing matter, you really mean this. you cant fool all of the people all of the time. Anthony Eden and MvKeeva Bush Im surprised at you both! you sould know what this all represents and you claim to be against it or are you two whipped int subission by this govrnor as well?
      Shme on you all. I thought we elected men not crossdressers.

  2. Darn right hiliarious

  3. Those some Fugly women. lol

  4. In this app we get our Cayman Women leadership!

  5. 10:23am – Wise Owl? – more like dodgy Dodo!