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Yoga loving dog really takes the Biscuit

By Paul Kennedy
[email protected]

A dog doing yoga, Sounds a bit of a stretch, right, Not on Seven Mile Beach.

Meet Biscuit, who clearly is at one with his inner Zen. Indeed, he just can’t resist a bit of early morning yoga.
And Biscuit’s favourite yoga position, Well it’s the downward facing dog of course!

Biscuit enjoying her yoga

The four legged yogini is no stranger to the beach, and regularly pops down with his owner, Cathy Maclean while she kite surfs.
But, instead of joining her on the boards, Biscuit much prefers the inner peace offered by Vitamin Sea Cayman Islands.

“Biscuit is no stranger to the beach,” said Kiristen Cousins of Vitamin Sea. “I see Biscuit at the beach a lot and I know that she has a very relaxed demeanor and that she would not be disruptive during the class.

“I didn’t want her owner to have to leave her unattended on the shore, so I offered a chance for her to bring the dog to class.
“She was extremely well behaved and had a downward dog that was better than all of us!”

And The Cayman Reporter has discovered Biscuit isn’t the only yoga loving canine. We’ve found a few pictures of other four-legged yogi students to share with you.

Yoga facts
• The word “yoga” is derived from the Sanskrit root yuj meaning to yoke or join together
• 2008 market study in Yoga Journal reports that some 16 million Americans practice yoga and spend $5.7 billion a year on gear.
• “Doga” is a type of yoga in which people use yoga to achieve harmony with their pets.
• According to Hindu mythology, Shiva is considered the Supreme Lord of Yoga.
• The Guinness Book of World Records currently lists 85-year-old Bette Calman from Australia as the world’s oldest yoga teacher.

About Paul Kennedy

During a career that spans almost three decades, Paul has covered some of the biggest stories in the world for regional and national newspapers. A multi-award winning journalist and published author, he has worked for the past six years producing television news and documentaries in Cayman. Paul is also the host of a weekly football show. His dream story is to find a dog that can play piano.

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