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VIDEO: There’s a spout out and about


Cayman Reporter readers were quick to photograph a waterspout that appeared in the skies Tuesday.

A waterspout is an intense funnel-shaped vortex that occurs over a body of water. In common terms its a tornado over water.

But these are often far weaker than land tornadoes and most waterspouts don’t actually suck up water.

They are small, weak rotating columns of air over water and are mostly found in the tropics. A spout has a five part life cycle.

  1. Formation of a dark spot on the water surface
  2. Spiral pattern on the water surface
  3. Formation of a spray ring
  4. Development of the visible condensation funnel
  5. Ultimately decay

Now although they may look pretty cool, they could pose a danger to boats and planes. It is recommended to keep a distance and be on high alert if you see one while out of sea.  Just like these photographers did while taking their pictures.

Picture: Matt Yarnall
Picture: Juan Manuel Ramirez
Picture: Laurice Fraser
Picture: Chip Whitney



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