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Another piece of Paradise

By Ron Shillingford
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Triathlons in Cayman used to be rarities but now they are on the sporting calendar all year round.

Right bang in the centre of George Town next month is the second staging of the Paradise Triathlon. It’s on Sunday, July 9 from 6:45 a.m. and there is a choice of Olympic or sprint distances to compete in.

Created by Kendall Ebanks, he was inspired to convert from boxing to triathlons and thought it would be a good idea. The Performance Lab by FNSports is owned by Kendall Ebanks and Alvin Bhawanie. They are excited to host this event and looking forward to an epic day.

“I do triathlons on the Flashynation Triathlon Team which consists of a roster full of motivating and inspirational fellow triathletes,” Ebanks said. “I have found that it’s an amazing sport and I wanted to help grow the sport throughout the Cayman Islands, bringing new people into it and hopefully attracting more youth.”

There are lots of multi-discipline events already in Cayman, so what’s the attraction of this one, “What’s the attraction! How often to you get to race in the capital George Town and run or bike across national monuments,” Ebanks said.

“Participants get to swim in the amazing Hog Sty Bay without any boat traffic or problems thanks to Port Authority. It’s a beautiful race, especially the swim. The bike is also a very technical course due to the all the corners in George Town so that is in advantage to cyclist.

“The finish of the event is actually on the South Terminal dock. How cool is that! Last year we watched participants finish the race then dive straight into the water for a cool off. This is a race you don’t want to miss.”

It looks like a funny time of year when many are on vacation or taking a break, but Ebanks is undaunted. He said: “Last year, we held it in July and we thought that might be a big problem due to the people being off Island etc., but we had an amazing turnout of 89 participants for our first time. We expect to cross the 100 mark this year.”

They have had a good amount of entries already but they usually don’t pay too much attention to who has entered until the final summary when registration closes.

“FNSports events are always great quality, we have created a great reputation for FNSports events and the numbers have shown over the years,” Ebanks said. “We intend to keep growing and continue producing quality events.”

He added that “FNSports is doing great, we have had a lot of growth in the last year.”

They have opened a new training facility, The Performance Lab by FNSports which promotes healthy living and fitness. They have also created a clothing line, Performance Apparel showcasing and providing athletic wear for cyclists, triathletes and runners.

“As you know, we have the FNS Triathlon Team which continues to bring in more athletes and take part in international and local competitions.”

Ebanks has a few races scheduled in Florida that he would like to compete in throughout this year but his main race is the upcoming 2017 ITU World Triathlon Grand Final Rotterdam, “but we will see how that goes. Hopefully I get the opportunity to attend that race.”

About Ron Shillingford

Ron is a former Cayman based sports editor. He is a best-selling author and novelist, and has worked as a sub-editor on some of the U.K.’s leading national newspapers. He is a certified tutor in English, writing assignments for various publications and websites and ghostwriting memoirs for the London-based publishers Story Terrace. A veteran journalist of more than 30 years standing, Ron’s area of expertise includes sports, human interest and local news reporting.

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