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Choose laughter

Faye Lippitt is a Canadian journalist living in Grand Cayman with her husband Greg. She is the author of Sixteen Chickens on a Trampoline which documents the antics of her six children. She is a regular contributor to The Cayman Reporter.

As summer approaches, students worldwide begin to dream of freedom – and parents dream (not always peacefully) about just what to do with their kids home for two months.

In some cases, lucky parents take their offspring on exciting trips to exotic places. But what does one do when they already live in an exotic place, Palm trees and turquoise seas can be pretty exotic to recently snow-bound northerners, but not necessarily to folks who see them most days.

Wondering what families had in mind for their summer vacation, I approached the students at Hope Academy and asked Miss Janay’s grade two/three class, and Miss Lauren and Miss Naomi’s K/grade one class what they had planned. There were some interesting answers.

Almost half the children are signed up for Miss Lauren’s Farm camp, aptly called the Farmacy – and just the medicine for city-bound children. One enthusiastic student said, “Ya! You get to shovel up poo and feed animals!” Parents might relate to that. Apparently one can also collect eggs, feed pigs and plant seeds from which grow the very vegetables they harvest for their lunches. I liked this idea. Our elders might be pleased about the kids going back to the land too, though it may not have been their idea of the perfect vacation.

Visiting family was a popular holiday item. Some are going to Jamaica, and some of the students had longer distances to travel. Vegas, Morocco, California and the BVI were mentioned. In England they will see grandparents but not the queen, though one little fellow did say he was going to 18 Downing Street. In any case there are red double decker buses there and that is what really matters.

The U.S. and Canada were popular places to visit as well, the latter being cold, the former hot. Apparently the 49th parallel is where the snow stops. There will certainly be no snow in Florida where several of the students are headed. One of them spoke of a restaurant he is going to visit where there is something called animatronics that come alive, jump at you and scare you and kill you. Makes one wonder what happens to the folks who don’t pay their bills.

One lucky student is going to something called Lollapalooza. Curious, I looked it up. Seems it is a music festival in Chicago. In the lineup were such wholesome sounding groups as The Killers, D.J. Snake, Cage the Elephant, Zeds Dead, and Nghtmre (whose spelling gave me one). There was also Machine Gun Kelly. Unfortunately no relation to Gene. Now that would be a concert I’d go to.

Small students can do big things. One is planning to go to Honduras where he will go white water rafting, zip lining and jumping off a two hundred foot cliff. One is planning a complicated trip that includes Florida, Canada, South America and the cinema at Camana Bay. Another will tackle the very scary rollercoaster ride at the Great Yarmouth Fair, and one will tackle the nettles at Grandma’s place. Two are looking forward to Karate camp right here on Grand Cayman Island.

Whew! By the sound of it, there are going to be some parents who will need a vacation after the vacation. Enjoy June while you can.

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