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Mango jam

Sweet, delicious, and the perfect way to use up a glut of mangoes.

Makes about three jars full (it’s best to make in small batches so the mixture doesn’t boil over)

Mango jam


1 ½ pounds skinned and chopped up mango flesh

1 pound 5 ounces white granulated sugar

1 lemon


Thoroughly wash and dry three used glass jars and their lids (old jam jars are great, just ensure you recycle; don’t buy new jars). Place the jars (not the lids) in a 350 F oven for about 10 minutes then remove and allow to cool. This will sterilise the jars.

Place the chopped mango, the sugar, the grated rind, juice and pips of the lemon in a large sturdy pan. Place the pan over a low heat on the stove and stir gently to allow the sugar to dissolve. Once the sugar is no longer granular, turn up the heat to medium high and watch the mixture start to bubble. A froth will appear on top – don’t worry about skimming it off as it will disappear later. Do not leave the jam at any point as you must ensure it doesn’t boil over. Just keep to a low, rolling boil, for about 15 to 20 minutes, until the mix gets darker and thicker. Stir regularly to ensure the mix doesn’t stick, but be careful as it will start to spit out.

Place a plate in the freezer and then after about 15 minutes boiling, take the pan off the heat and place a teaspoon of the jam on the cold plate, place the plate back in the freezer for a minute and then take it out. Gently press the jam on the plate – if it crinkles up it’s done. If the mix doesn’t crinkle up, place the pan on a gentle rolling boil again for another five minutes and try again. Repeat a third time, if necessary. Allow the mix to cool and carefully fish out the lemon pips (some will inevitably remain). Carefully ladle the jam into the jars and then seal and label the jars.

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