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VIDEO: Fund started to stop Magnus going to slaughter – no bull

Animals lovers in Cayman are desperately trying to raise $5,000 to save a bull from slaughter. 

Magnus the Great has captured the hearts of a nation. He’s been found a new home at a North Side petting zoo but his owner wants $5,000 before he’ll let him go.  

“From the very first minute I came up and met him there was a bond. I do love him very much.” Juliette Heath . Photo: DIana Duffield.

Now the race is on to collect the cash and save Magnus from the abattoir. 

Animal lover Juliette Heath has been feeding the friendly bull for months and has grown very attached to him. 

So much so, she’s made him a promise. 

“I wish I could save every cow on the planet but I can’t,” said Ms. Heath. “But I do want to save Magnus and I’ve promised him he will not be killed for his meat.” 

A clip made by The Cayman Reporter’s videography department has been viewed thousands of times on social media and has been shared in Canada, the United States, Germany and Great Britain. 

Magnus – likes apples and bananas. Photo: Diana Duffield.

Ms. Heath added: “We are asking for donations to save this beautiful boy from being slaughtered. The money is going to go to the people who own him to the value of what they would get for his meat.  He’s a heavy cow so he’s not cheap. 

“He is very, very calm, very, very loving and very, very smart. ” 

If Magnus is saved, he’ll be given a new home at The Farmacy, a farm and petting zoo that gives schoolchildren the opportunity to get up close and personal with animals. 

Ms. Heath added: “Magnus will be a fantastic addition to the farm. It’s not often that many people get to come close and personal with a bull. 

“I’ve been getting him tamer and tamer and I’m very excited, really happy. I can’t believe the response we have gotten. We have already had some donations and the minute we get the $5,000 he can go straight to his new home. 

“He has been well treated and it’s not that he’s had a horrible life, but I just don’t want that life to end. He has captured my heart, I mean who’s heart wouldn’t he capture? He’s absolutely gorgeous and just a beautiful animal.  

“I was playing with my dogs down the road in my garden and I heard him crying and from the very first minute I came up and met him there was a bond. I do love him very much.” 

Ms. Heath has been given a month to raise the funds necessary to purchase Magnus. If you can help, email her at [email protected]  or donations can be dropped off to Cayman Clinic c/o Dr. Denise Osterioh You can also click here to donate.

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  1. Elizabeth Menegon

    While on the plane from Cayman back to NYC, I read this article and was deeply moved. My trip to Cayman was to hopefully find a job and relocate by this Winter.
    I plan on returning within the next two weeks, which at that time I would like to donate the the remaining amount not collected. I’ve reviewed the Go Gund Me site and they have only raised 745.00
    I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know, this will have a happy ending.