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Police respond after cop car “caught” parking illegally

The photograph of the police vehicle parked at a gas station.

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service has hit out against a Facebook page aimed at naming and shaming bad parkers.

The page, Cayman’s Worst Parking Friday, published a photograph of a police vehicle illegally parked in a disabled bay at a gas station.

But later that day, a spokeswoman for the RCIPS revealed the officer was responding to reports of an armed robbery.

The spokeswoman said: “A photograph has been circulating on social media this morning purporting to display a police vehicle illegally parked in a disabled parking spot.  Despite the fact that no verified information accompanied these posts, a lot of negative speculation toward officers has also circulated based on the assumption that they parked in this spot illegally and with disregard for disabled persons who may need to use it.

“Despite little information accompanying the photograph, we have determined that this photograph was taken during the response of armed officers to a panic alarm at a Rubis gas station on Tuesday, 11 July around 8:15 a.m.  The panic alarm had been triggered accidentally, and there was no actual criminal incident taking place.  However, in responding to the call armed officers used the closest available space in order to access the scene in as safe and quick a manner as possible.”

Police also pointed out the vehicle in question was displaying a flashing blue light at the time the photograph was taken to signify the officer was dealing with an emergency response. And they also added that under the Traffic Law (2011) police officers and other emergency vehicles are allowed to park anywhere while dealing with an emergency. 



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