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Hospital says former TV journalist’s claims are “baseless” – UPDATED

Kim Covington – constipated.

By Paul Kennedy 

Baseless – that’s how the Health Services Authority described claims made by a former television news anchor who said she had a bad time at the Cayman Islands Hospital. 

Kim Covington was interviewed on News 12 station in Arizona, where she use to anchor the news.  

Over the weekend the station ran a story about nightmare cruise holidays – and featured an interview with Ms. Covington who remembered with horror her trip to Cayman during her pregnancy.  

She claimed that during a cruise she fell ill on board the ship – and it had to dock in Cayman so she could receive emergency medical treatment. 

But what the report failed to mention was this happened FOURTEEN years ago. 

She told the TV station: “I can laugh now, back then I was crying. 

“Who could turn a ship around? I did.  

“I had a sharp pain in my belly. I couldn’t even walk, it was that bad.  

“The ship physician said ‘your baby could die and you could die. We need to get you off this ship now.’ So they dumped us off the ship in a tugboat.” 

The news report, in a style akin to a Hollywood blockbuster complete with dramatic music and random stock footage of cruise ships in bad weather, then goes on to describe her experience at the Cayman Islands Hospital. 

Ms. Covington said the hospital told her all she had was severe constipation. She added: “This is the difficult part to handle. I’m like, what? Constipation?” 

She then claimed the hospital said they had no medication to treat her. 

Now HSA has hit back – branding the claims made in the news report as “baseless”. 

A spokeswoman said: “The Cayman Islands Health Services Authority is aware of the online media report containing several inaccuracies about a patient experience at the Cayman Islands Hospital by a cruise passenger. It is important to note that our records indicate that a passenger with the referenced name in the online report was transferred to our Accident & Emergency Department in December 2003, almost 14 years ago. 

“Notwithstanding the time frame, the Health Services Authority has thoroughly investigated the claims made in this report and determined the online report to be baseless and not consistent with the documentation in the patient’s records.  

“We are pleased that Ms. Covington appears to be in good health and hope she’ll be able to fulfill her dream of an uneventful cruise at some later date.” 

We contacted Ms. Covington, who has left the TV station and now works for a company called the Arizona Community Foundation, to give her a chance to retract her comments in light of the hospital’s investigation. 

She told us: “As a former journalist and mother of two I would never fabricate such a story.” 

She also said she did inform the news station the incident happened in 2003, and was told her story would be aired along with a number of other stories about cruise ship nightmares. 

And she added she did wonder if the story was relevant as it happened so long ago. 


To view the original story click here


While Kim was “going through hell” in Cayman, Arnie was sworn in as Governor of California.

Other things that happened in 2003 

America’s Next Top Model debuted in the U.S. 

The movie Finding Nemo was released 

Christiano Ronaldo made his debut for Manchester United 

Arnold Schwarzenegger became Governor of California 

Britney Spears became the youngest singer to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame 



Facebook response 

Over the weekend, the story and subsequent statement from the HSA was shared hundreds of times on Facebook.  

Many of you reacted angrily at Ms. Covington’s comments, and claimed she was not telling the truth – branding the story nothing more than “fake news”. 

Here’s a selection of some of the responses we’ve seen: 

“Ah boy. Her 12 years on TV is up and she looking for attention.” 

“I don’t believe any of it for a minute. None of this story is true. FAKE NEWS TYPICAL AMERICAN REPORTING.” 

“KPNX Channel 12 News did not have anything better to report on. Guess it’s pretty dry in Arizona.” 

“Who the hell is Kim Covington?  Never heard of, or seen her. Girl, bye.” 

“Eat some prunes and get on with it lady!” 

From Cayman with love. We’ve sent Kim some laxatives.

 Hope this helps with your dodgy stomach 

So it seems all that was wrong with Ms Covington 14 years ago was a bad case of constipation. She claimed the hospital didn’t have the correct medicine and she would need to be flown to the United States to collect it.  

Although she claims this was 14 years ago, we’ve checked out the local pharmacy just a few hundred yards away from the hospital and their shelves are well stocked with constipation medicine, typically known as laxatives. 

Just in case she’s still struggling with a dicky tummy, we’ve decided to buy some, and post them to her. Don’t worry Kim, you can have these on us. 


Prunes are good to ease constipation.

Here’s a few home remedies in case you have constipation 

Cup of hot water with lemon juice 

Add sesame seeds to cereals  

Coffee can stimulate your colon and speed up your trip to the bathroom 

High in fibre, raisins also contain tartaric acid, which has a laxative effect 

Prunes are a go-to home remedy for getting your digestion back on track 







About Paul Kennedy

During a career that spans almost three decades, Paul has covered some of the biggest stories in the world for regional and national newspapers. A multi-award winning journalist and published author, he has worked for the past six years producing television news and documentaries in Cayman. Paul is also the host of a weekly football show. His dream story is to find a dog that can play piano.

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  1. Hope she is not one of the many foreigners who was treated at HSA and walked out witout paying leaving the Hospital to pick up the cost of her belky ache.

  2. I can tell you, the HSA gives real bad service at times and the waiting time to see a doctor is TERRIBLE.

    I guess it’s because the doctors there get a monthly salary, whether they see patients or not. Whereas, private doctors have to see patients in order to get a salary.