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Cayman Islands Hospital celebrates medical success

Gall bladder surgery: Private Consultant General Surgeons Dr. Sanjib K Mohanty and Dr. Zolton Szucs perform gallbladder removal surgery using the new technique known as Fluorescence Cholangiography for the first time in the Caribbean

The Cayman Islands Hospital is the first hospital in the Caribbean to perform gall bladder removal surgery using the Fluorescence Cholangiography technique.

According to a press release, the new surgical technique involves the use of a fluorescent dye that, when activated, provides surgeons with a clearer view of the area of operation, increases surgical precision and safer patient outcomes.

“Another benefit of this procedure is that there is no radiation exposure to either patient or operating room staff,” private Consultant General Surgeon Dr. Sanjib K Mohanty said.

“The recent introduction of this new surgical technique has added a new dimension to improve patient recovery and outcomes in certain medical procedures and provide greater safety to staff and patients from radiation exposure.

“The technique is also being used for other surgical procedures including breast cancer surgery to map out suspicious lymph nodes with great success – another major medical advancement for the hospital,” he added.

Dr. Mohanty recently performed the first case on a patient at the Cayman Islands Hospital in collaboration with another private General Surgeon, Dr. Zolton Szucs.

“Our patient was in his early twenties and had a severe diseased gall bladder with stones, which was making him very uncomfortable,” said Dr. Mohanty.

Dr. Mohanty said the post-procedure recovery has been “excellent” and the patient is “absolutely pleased”with the results.

HSA’s Medical Director, Dr. Delroy Jefferson lauded the achievement and expressed his support of the the ongoing partnership between physicians in the private sector and the Authority.

“This partnership benefits patients in Cayman by providing quality evidence informed care locally,” he stated.

Dr. Mohanty added that his partnership with the HSA is a lifelong one.

“The HSA acquired this equipment at a very significant cost, simply because there was a desire to provide modern and better facilities to patients in our country,” Dr. Mohanty said.

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