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New hotel plans revealed – What you think?

New plans to build a hotel on Pageant Beach have received a frosty reception on social media.

Last week, The Cayman Reporter revealed images for the 450-suite hotel on Seven Mile Beach.

Plans include a bar and grill, children’s centre, 30,000 square foot conference facilities, four swimming pools including a roof-top infinity pool, spa and five outdoor bars and restaurants.

The developers behind the plans are the Howard Hospitality Group which also refurbished the former Treasure Islands complex into the Margaritaville Beach Resort.

Although a video clip of what the completed hotel will look like has been released along with artist impressions, the deal has not yet been finalised to build the hotel.

The site where the hotel is hoping to be built was once the Pageant Beach Hotel which was built in 1954 before a fire razed it to the ground. It has remained empty ever since.

We posted the clip showing the plans on The Cayman Reporter’s Facebook page last week and it was viewed more than 1,500 times in just a few days.

And many readers commented on the development – with the majority saying they are AGAINST the plans. We contacted H.H.G for comment, but the organisation delined.

Here is a selection of some of the comments:

It’s beautiful. However, I don’t think it should be in Cayman. Taking up the natural beaches and too tall! Kimpton just towers the landscape. Just my opinion.

If they keep taking over the beach there will soon be nothing left for us to sit on.

What happened to designing buildings that are more suited to the Caribbean? Too massive a building for that area as well. Just don’t like it. Sorry but that is my humble opinion.

This looks like South Beach or Hawaii or somewhere else! Not Caymanian at ALL! Why can’t we have 4 or 5 story buildings? Another sunrise blocker!

Another place where locals will be shunned. More of the same I guess welcome to Cayman #minipalmbeach

Horrible design. Way too big, and will cause even more traffic and delay in that area of the island.

I think it is far too big. Where will all the sewage go?

Wayyy too big! No way can they fill that many rooms at one time.

Like crabs in a slow boil. One day, people will blink and ask how it came to be this way. Those of us who protest can stand as witnesses to explain.

Great! More jobs……for expats.

Not for Cayman thanks!

Horrible for so many reasons. More people, cars, traffic hold ups etc etc….too much big development for this little island

What do you like about the planned hotel? Have your say on the Cayman Reporter’s Facebook page or in the comments below.

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One comment

  1. This is where me and my family camp every single year! Its a shame that we will no longer be able to see something that has been this way from our grandparents days (we don’t have much left)… I love the idea of a new hotel! I mean what the heck more money for Cayman?! or is it another local hotel that will not allow locals to enjoy the seaside or the pool?!?1

    There’s only one hotel in Cayman where I would praise! That’s the reef they don’t ask for locals to leave and we don’t need to buy food just to enjoy the pool… however I’m from West Bay and that’s too long of a drive….

    But I am biased about the hotel!