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Hack attack! Time to change you lives for the better


Now let’s face facts, life can feel tough sometimes and we all need a little help along the way. But how about these super life hacks to help you get along. Beer clogging up your fridge? Don’t worry, we got you. Or what about struggling to store all those baseball caps? We’ve got your back. And let’s face it, who gets a little annoyed when they come home to find you precious child has turned into Pablo Picasso and your freshly painted walls is their canvas? Thanks to bloggers, Reddit users and those who tweet for this fabulous selection of hacks. They have just changed our lives.  




1) Cold Spaghetti? Make sure it’s piping hot by cutting a hole in the centre of the food before heating it up in the microwave. 


2) Sick of the straw popping out of your soda? Turn the can’s ring around and hey presto, the perfect straw holder for your drink. 


3) No room in the fridge? Use super strength magnets to create the perfect bottle beer holders. And free up plenty of space below. 


4) Create the perfect grilled cheese sandwich by simply tipping your toaster on its side and away you go. 


5) Say goodbye to ice lolly drips by simply using a cup cake holder at the base of the lolly.  


6) Organise your handbags easy by using a dish rack for storage.  


7) Now this is a must for all you cool kids with baseball caps for every day of the week. Store them easy by using shower rings and a coat hanger. 


8) Pure genius is the only way to describe this hack. Swap your shoe laces for a phone-charging cord and never run out of juice again. 


9) Admit it, we ALL have carrier bags all over the kitchen? Am I right? You know it. Not anymore, take an empty tissue box and boom, a perfect carrier bag dispenser.  


10) How do you stop your children drawing on the walls? Put them in a big cardboard box, of course, with some crayons. 


11) Are your kids struggling to know their left from their right? Fear no more… simply cut a sticker in half and job’s a good ‘un. 


12) And finally, we’ve saved the best until last. Put glow sticks in the bathwater and have your very own disco, in the bath.  

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