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Problems solvers to change your lives 


Things are not really a problem, unless you find a solution. Confused? You should be. What we’re getting at is after you read our fabulous list of cheap things to change your lives, you’ll wonder how on earth you managed to live without them.  We are talking chair socks to stop floors getting scuffed, car seat gap fillers to collect all that loose change that fall from your pockets and of course, a whisk that folds flat to make it easier to clean. And get this… every single last one of them is available for under $10.  

1) Fogless shower mirror. Never again will you have to say, “sorry, missed a bit” after shaving in the shower with this fogless mirror.  Simple science means if you hold this bad boy under the steam from your shower, you are (almost) guaranteed to see your reflection long enough to get rid of your stubble. And if that’s not enough, it comes with adhesive hooks. $9.99 Amazon 

2) Thumb page holder. Let’s face it, is there anything in life worse than having to use both hands while reading a book? We thought not. Well fear no more, this thumb page holder allows readers to read their books while standing up. Amazing, right? Its gets better, it’s available in a number of different colours and even different sizes which is perfect for those among us with fat thumbs. $4.50 Amazon. 

3) Drawer organiser. Stuck with an odd sock on your way to that crucial meeting? Tired of messy drawers and no way to know just which socks are in pairs and which are loose? Or maybe you just the type of person who cannot sleep knowing your sock drawer is badly organised. It will no longer be a problem thanks to the Honeycomb Drawer Organiser. Amazon $9.99. 

4) Car seat gap filler. Don’t even look under your car seat. Who knows what lurks below. Fries maybe? Plenty of change for sure, and that’s where my cell phone was hiding all the time. This car seat gap filler means everyday items will no longer fall from your pockets and into the CAR-muda Triangle, never to be seen again. $8.98 Amazon. 

5) Chair socks. Protect your fancy flooring from guaranteed scuffing with a natty set of chair socks. Yes, we are not kidding when we say it, socks for your chairs. But we’ve thought of an even cheaper way to get your socks, simply ask your grandmother to knit them. Etsy $10.  

6) Plastic bag grips. Carry one, not two, not three… but loads of plastic carrier bags all at the same time with one grip trip. Think of the time and energy you’ll save with the ability to carry ALL your bags in one hand. Although if we’re honest with this one, just get a big one-time bag and stop polluting the environment. Amazon $5. 

7) Dog water bottles. Bet you’re fed up to the back teeth of having to pour water into a bowl when out in the hot sun with your four-legged buddy. Check this out. It’s a water bottle that is also a bowl. Trips to the beach with your Cayman mutt have just gotten that whole lot easier. Amazon $8.56. 

8) Tongue scrapper. No doubt you feel just as bad as we do every morning waking up with nasty tongue gunk. We didn’t even know that was a thing until now. But worry no more, get yourself a superior surgical grade, stainless steel, non-toxic and sterilisable tongue scrapper.  Amazon $6.95. 

9) Flat whisk. Now this beauty is a must have for many reasons. Well, two at least. For starters, its design flattens to make it that much easier to clean, but better than that, by folding it neatly after whisking up a treat means it fits into your kitchen draw with ease. Amazon $8.81. 

10) Wearable nail polish holder. Apparently, the original lyrics in the Beyonce smash hit, Single Ladies wasn’t “put a ring on it” but instead was “put a wearable nail polish holder on it”. Do your nails anywhere you want with this plastic piece of polish perfection.  Amazon $6.99.  

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