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Need a laugh? Get a dog

Love your dog? Of course you do, he’s man’s (and women’s) best friend, right?

We’ve found a hilarious selection of the best Snapchat pictures of dogs on the internet, and boy there’s some crackers in here.

How about seal dog? Doggosauros Rex? Of even the creation of dog? (That’s God backwards).

It seems as well as being your best buddy and faithful companion, dogs are also a great source of amusement. So funny, we’ve decided to share a few of the best snapchat dog pictures with you.

1) A golden Labrador or a T-Rex? You be the judge.

2) If my dog was on Tinder, I’m guessing the pose would be something like this.

3) Dog backwards is God, right? Not sure if that means anything but this mutt’s pose is certainly biblical.

4) Dog tired, that’s for sure. And this hound can get his head down anywhere. Not sure how comfortable this particular position is.

5) Vacuum cleaners and dogs go together like duck to boiling water. In other words, not very well.

6) Is it a dog or a seal? Or a seal dog even.

7) The joys of motherhood. This particular mother doesn’t seem too bothered about feeding time.

8) Are your eyes playing tricks with you? One dog or two? Or one dog with two heads?

9) Careful, be careful, that’s my favourite toy. This anxious animal looks on nervously as its owner operates on its toy.

10) Getting a bit sick of your Labradors? No problem, simply put them in a swimming pool and Hey Presto, a Dachshund.

11)  Is it my turn yet? Sorry buddy, think this queue may take a while before it gets to you.

12) Warp speed? Make it so. There’s no better feeling than sticking your head out of a moving car. If of course you’re a dog.


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