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Check out these puppies


Prada and Precious 

 Four tiny puppies thrown away in a trash bag have never looked better! 

New homes, new families and, more importantly, a new lease of life. 

These canine cuties were wrapped in a garbage bag and thrown away at a secluded spot in West Bay. 

Just one week old and clinging on to life, one of them was too weak to carry on and sadly died. Another had to be put to sleep because of the extent of his injuries. 

But five managed to pull through and now have new homes. 

Check out how a proper puppy diet, sprinkled with lots of love, can bring these guys back to health.  

The doggies were nicknamed the “P” pups – and all given a name beginning with the letter P. There’s Precious, Prada, Pippen (now Cooper) and Piglet (now Jack). 

Animal lover Taura Ebanks posted on Facebook: “Never underestimate what we can do with our own humanity when individuals work together to combat those who would throw away the potential to be loved and protected by those without a voice. 

“Thank you One Dog At A Time for the gift of being a part of these pups’ journey. A special thanks to those loving families who saw the value in these little fur treasures they have become!” 

Pippen (now Copper) 

The pups were passed to the Department of Agriculture who in turn asked One Dog At A Time for help. They found willing foster families to rear them back to health and now, they’ve all settled in to their forever home.  

The pups were found on wasteland by a workman who heard their faint cries in the distance. He went to investigate and made the grim discovery.  

An investigation has been launched but whoever was responsible for dumping the dogs has still not been found. 

A spokeswoman for One Dog At A Time said: “These pups were so lucky their faint cries were heard and they were brought to our attention. It’s through the dedication of our network of foster families who showed love and support to help them make a full recovering.  

“But this is just the tip of the iceberg. One Dog at a Time has so many puppies and dogs looking for a loving home. 

“We are desperate all the time for foster parents to help out and even if you can’t please, please, please come to one of One Dog At A Time’s many fundraising event.” 

For more information how you can help, join their Facebook page.  

Piglet (now Jack) 

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  1. Jack is the one with the ears up, not Copper He is now my sister’s dog!

  2. Sad story for these pups , thanks God they are all in good homes now .My daughter have Pippen now Jack not Cooper , he is happy with his Mom, Dad and 2 little human sisters and showered with TCL .He has his own room and a big yard to play with his furs cousins sometimes, started his training class too.Hoping one day he will see his siblings again.