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Secure Your Property from Hurricanes

Devastation caused by Hurrican Irma. Picture: CNN.

By David Stephens

APEX Perimeter Protection & The Security Centre

Property is often the most valuable asset held by a business or family – so it’s well worth protecting in the event of hurricane. 

The key is to get prepared early.  As we say in the security industry “preparation stops devastation”. 

There are plenty of solutions available ranging from hurricane shutters, impact windows and doors and screen products such as Crimsafe – that we will take a quick look at today and explain how they can protect you. 

  • Impact windows and doors are a great solution to provide year-round protection from hurricanes and intruders while also providing solar protection, and noise reduction. Impact windows are more aesthetically pleasing than traditional hurricane shutters and have the added benefit of increasing your property value. Impact windows are constructed using aluminium or vinyl frames and are typically glazed using laminated glass with various tint or low emission options.  
  • Security Screens (such as the Crimsafe line of products) are another alternative to help protect against hurricanes. The stainless-steel screens are designed to eliminate the need for regular insect screens while still letting light in and allowing you to view the outdoors.   
  • Hurricane shutters are a cost-effective means of providing protection during a storm. These shutters come in a range of styles and functions such as; accordion, rollup, and Bahama/colonial. 

Maintenance is the key: Providing that you already have some form of hurricane protection, it’s also important to ensure that they are in good working order prior to, and especially during the hurricane season. 

Here is our checklist to ensure your hurricane shutters are in good working condition: 

  1. For shutters with moving parts such as accordions and rollers, check for smooth sliding or rolling operation. Lubricate rollers wheels, pins and bearings with a light lubricant if required. 
  2. For shutters with locks such as accordions, check the locks for proper functioning, lubricate if necessary. Ensure you can easily locate your keys in case of a disaster. 
  3. If you have storm panels which are usually removed after the hurricane season, ensure you account for all the panels you will need to cover each opening. It is useful to label each panel for easy deployment. Ensure all panel tracks and mounting hardware is in place and working properly. 
  4. For openings located on upper floors, ensure you can reach those shutters. If a ladder is required, be sure to have one accessible when you need it.
  5. Do a mock run. Secure all openings as if a hurricane warning has been issued. This will help to identify any difficulties you might have in deploying your shutters. 
  6. If you encounter a problem with any of your shutters, contact your shutter provider immediately. Do not wait until the last minute as most shutter companies will likely be busy and unable to respond to your call promptly. 

By performing periodic maintenance on your shutters and preparing yourself prior to the start of the hurricane season will ensure you are ready when a storm threatens, and will help to put your mind at ease. 

Of course, we hope that we don’t have any close calls from hurricanes – but we want everyone to be prepared and safe if one does come our way. 


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