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Pirates get their skates on

Caribbean Parrots try skateboarding Pirate Billy Bones, Pirate Poison, and Captain Rum Runner

Inspire Cayman, and the Pirates Week Festival teamed up to host the Youth Skate Jam, at the Black Pearl Skate Park to promote the local youth skate culture in Cayman, and encourage children to get out and get active.



Adam Maieahofer, mastering the scooter jump

It was on Sept. 2. The Cayman Parrot Pirates were also there to show their support, and try their leg at skateboarding.

There were prize giveaways, a live DJ, and popular scooter equipment for sale. Admission was $10 and included all scootering/skateboarding equipment, as well as access to the basketball facilities. A portion of admissions was donated to the Pirates Week Festival.

The Youth Skate Jam officially marked the beginning of the Pirates Week Festival Events.

Shayma Hamdi-Romanica of the Tourism Attraction Board said: “There were wee scallywags everywhere showing off their skills in scootering, skateboarding, BMX riding, and basketball. It was so refreshing to see, and showed real diversity and creativity within our community. Michael Myles does a wonderful job with the children at the Skate Park, and we hope that this event will help raise awareness about the growing skate culture here in Cayman.”

Back, from left: (Caribbean Parrots) Pirate Billy Bones, Pirate Poison, and Captain Rum Runner. Front: (Jamaican National Skateboarding Team) Haolin Chin, Onan Stephenson, Mario Notice, Rakeem Scarlett, James Mitchell, Matthew Delfosse

Melanie McField, executive director, Pirates Week Festival., said: “As the national festival of the Cayman Islands, we believe that by actively partnering and supporting community organisations such as Inspire Cayman, we can help build a positive environment for our youth, festival patrons and other stakeholders. The more we host events outside of the festival period, the more awareness we bring to the festival itself.”

She added: “It was a phenomenal event, and a real treat to see so much of our youth demonstrate their skills and talent in such a fun and safe environment. We are delighted to have taken part, and thank Michael sincerely for all of his efforts in supporting both our community and our festival.”

Michael Myles, event organiser, and owner of Inspire Cayman said: “I grew up on, and spent 30 years going to, the Pirates Week Festival, and this event provides an opportunity for Inspire Cayman to bring youth together, and raise funds to ensure that this festival is something that we continue to have every year. It is our national festival, and I wanted to be part of that, I wanted Inspire to be part of that.

“Inspire Cayman is all about creating an environment where youth can do special things, with each other and for their community, and so this event was all about joining this community. It’s about keeping young kids inspired, where they can come into an environment and show each other different tricks, whether that’s basketball, skateboarding, BMX, or just running around kicking a football, that’s what Inspire is about. It’s about simple things we all take for granted, that we have to now get back to focus. And it’s all about making sure that we can it in a space that is all about children.”

The Jamaican national skateboarding team was also flown down to perform at the event and give demonstrations to the children.

Kenrick Webster of Webster’s Tours, who sponsored the transportation of the Jamaican national skateboarding said:

“I wanted to ensure that I take part in this event because it is important to build the morale, and to build the self- confidence of the youth of our country. As business partners, we need to make sure that we do our part in ensuring that we support this Skate Park, so that our youth can be able to have an outlet to be able to enjoy themselves, but also to develop their life skills.”

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