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Signs of the times


Sometimes we’re all guilty of stating the obvious, but some of these signs really take the biscuit. What’s a little more worrying though, is maybe they were put there because somebody, somewhere didn’t know that a container of peanuts may contain nuts or the road may get wet in the rain. Believe it or not, these are genuine signs that really are, a sign of the times.


1) Yes, it’s true, these peanuts actually contain, wait for it, peanuts.

2) 50c for a hot dog is pretty cheap, but we want to make sure you know the dog you’re getting, won’t be this big.

3) So, when exactly will the library open? Opening time. Got you. And I’m guessing there should also be another sign pointing out it will stay open, until it closes.

4) Phew, good job you pointed out fire is hot. For a minute there, I thought it was going to be cold.

5) Don’t swallow coat hangers because if you do, your neck might turn into the shape of a coat hanger.

6) Be careful here because if you didn’t know already, rain is wet.

7) Hang on a minute, did somebody really…? No, can’t be. Or can it?

8) Yes, yes, it is.

9) Where’s the mountain? You know, the big mountain. Oh, there it is.

10) So, I was wondering? Do you sell burritos and tacos here, at the Burrito and Taco store? Oh, you do? Good. I’ll have a taco please. And a burrito.

11) I’ll have a cheese burger please, as long as it comes with cheese.

12) They are not called the Kings of the Jungle for nothing.

13) I’m looking to dry my hands, any idea where the hand dryer is?



About Paul Kennedy

During a career that spans almost three decades, Paul has covered some of the biggest stories in the world for regional and national newspapers. A multi-award winning journalist and published author, he has worked for the past six years producing television news and documentaries in Cayman. Paul is also the host of a weekly football show. His dream story is to find a dog that can play piano.

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