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The horrors of the bathroom laid bare

For all you horror movie buffs we’ve found the perfect bathroom accessories for you. Yes, that’s right, horror movie bathroom accessories. Sounds unbelievable? Well guess what, it’s a real industry. Whether it’s scare shower curtains, skeleton ring and jewellery holders, or even a coffin shaped bath caddy, there’s something for everyone in our spooky selection. OK, so granted, Halloween may be more than a month away, but that gives you plenty of time to get your orders in. Human tongue shaped soap is on its way. 


1) This isn’t quite a blood bath, more of a blood shower. Bloody hand prints complete the curtain and allows you to turn your bathroom into the set of a horror movies. You thinking about that shower scene from Psycho? Amazon $10. 69. 


2) Your rings and necklace will never be the same again with this skeleton hand shaped jewellery holder. Modcloth $39.99. 


3) Candles, glass of wine, hot bath. Sounds perfect? Not perfect enough for lovers of the macabre. You clearly need this coffin-shaped bath caddy. Etsy $65. 


4) Now there’s clean, then there’s human tongue-shaped soap clean. But don’t worry, it doesn’t give off a human tongue fragrance, more grapefruit. Etsy $18 (pack of three). 


5) Rats, in the toilet? Certainly looks like it. Better call the drain guy ASAP. Spirithalloween $4.99. 


6) Restroom sign, more like rest in pieces with this door sticker to indicated to guests which room is the bathroom. Maybe after seeing this sign, they’ll wait till they get home. Amazon $4.59. 


7) It seems only in death can we escape the horrors of cleaning the toilet. That’s not actually true. But if you are going to scrub up, use this skull toilet brush and holder.  Amazon $36.96. 


8) Add a creepy glow to your bathroom with these flameless candles. Amazon $11.75 (pack of six). 


9) Bath bombs are great, right? Not as great as apple scented bath bombs shaped like a brain. Etsy $8. 


10) What bathroom wouldn’t be complete without a 3D zombie toilet cover? Yours, of course.  Spirithalloween $12.99. 

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