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Money saving tips for college students 


College can sure be expensive, and as many students begin their student lives, we all know cash flow is always an issue. So, we’ve teamed up with boredpanda.com to bring you a whole host of money saving tips. No BBQ? No problem, use a shopping trolley. And who wants to spend those hard-earned beer tokens on essentials like a pizza-cutter, dust pan and garden furniture. Check out on super saving solutions.  Although we must warn you, some of them may not actually work but sure look cool. 

1) Need a new shower head? Why bother, just attach a plastic soda bottle with a few holes punched through and all is well in the world. 


2) iPhone speakers really are a must have in every student house. But if you can’t afford the latest Bose, just use a kitchen roll holder and a couple of plastic bottles. Drake has never sounded so good. 


3) Think of how much money you’d save on replacing socks with holes in by simply using a felt tip pen to colour your toes. 


4) Impress all your student buddies with this fabulous set of garden chairs taken from an aeroplane scrap yard.  


5) BBQs are great fun, but getting a grill that cooks your burgers to perfection can be costly. Instead, flip a shopping trolley on its say and get cooking. Warning: Probably won’t work with plastic shopping trolleys.  


6)  Nobody likes washing up, right? Well never wash those plates again, just wrap the dish in clingfilm before you eat. 


7) Think how much money you’d save by instead of replacing that broken couch, just put a chair in the hole and you’ll never notice the difference. 


8) One for the student engineers. Don’t waste your dough on a pizza slicer, attach a ruler to the lid of a tin can.  


9) Who needs a colander when you have a tennis racket. This ingenious replacement device also works well with a squash racket.  


10) What’s the point of owning a dustpan when a few simple adjustments to a pizza box really does the trick.  

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