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Teaching the teachers theology and Bible 

Rt. Rev. Dr. P.J. Lawrence. Photo: Diana Duffield.

A series of new courses are starting in Cayman to teach, the teachers. 

The Rt. Rev. Dr. P.J Lawrence has a wealth of experience in theology.  

Born in Nandyal, Indian, Dr. Lawrence served as a Pastoral Minister in until 1989.  During the same period, engaged in programs of social action and socio-economic and political Justice at National, Asian, and International levels through Church and Society organisations. 

Now he’s sharing his knowledge in Cayman, offering courses titled the Centre for Theological Leadership Training. 

“There are so many churches here of different dominations, and many of them have Sunday school classes for the children,” said Dr. Lawrence. 

“We are offering to provide advanced theological education for ministerial formation and transformation leadership by equipping the people of God in higher-learning and critical thinking.  

“This is a non-denominational theological education program designed for leaders of the church and society. 

“People are Christian here and they are talking about god so how do we make that tangible expression of in terms of values and ethics, morals in everyday life, that is theological leaderships.” 

There are a number of courses on offer, designed for church leaders, Sunday school teachers, youth, fellowship leaders and interested in Bible and related subjects. 

Dr. Lawrence is also offering a Doctor of Ministry course specifically offered to those with more than 10 years’ experience in pastoral or related ministries.  

The courses will be held at the Church Hall, St George’s Anglican Church on Eastern Avenue. For more information call 922 3902 or log on to www.ctlt.ky 




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