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Time to lash out – and feel fabulous 


The staff at JL Penha on Cardinal Avenue . Photo: Diana Duffield.

By Jennifer Spencer 

Products: JL Penha 

Who doesn’t like to feel fabulous? And I don’t believe you if your answer is no. Confession time; I like my make-up; find me a lady who can put her hand on her heart and say she honestly doesn’t. No, didn’t think so. But with so much on offer, you do find yourself spoiled for choice when choosing the right slap. Thanks to the staff at JL Penha, I was given a helping hand.

MAC Lingering Great Brows 

My brows are slowly disappearing and being blonde, were never impressive to begin with.  I have tried nearly every kind of brow product out there with varied results.  Happy to report this MAC brow kit is great!  The brushes are small but ideal for travelling and for carrying around in your purse.  The colour pigment is perfect – I went for the medium golden brown and it looked natural on me.  The product lasted all day, did not smudge or sweat off.  I was really impressed and I highly recommend it.

Lancôme Monsieur Big Mascara 

Lancôme boldly claims this mascara delivers ‘instant heart-stopping volume’, and lasts for 24 hours. I have been dazzled/duped by other adverts too many times. (‘A trillion lashes!’ – nope, maybe 50 at most. ‘Explosive volume in rocket time!’ – alas, no explosions, lots of clumps. ‘Lashes that want it all can have it all!’ – what does this even mean?!)  Dubiously, but ever hopeful this might actually be The One, I gave Mr. Big a whirl.  To my utter delight, it worked!  Life-changing stuff! The big brush coaxed out even my puniest of lashes.  No clumping even after three coats.  I declared myself sultry and hit the town.  Instantly I was asked if I was wearing eyelash extensions!  I bashfully fluttered away as I told them about my secret weapon.  In fact, I fluttered away unstoppably for the rest of the day. Brilliant mascara.

Clinique pep-start Eye Cream 

Cheery orange packaging and the luxurious texture made this cream a winner for me.  I loved how plump and nourished my under-eye area looked.  Unlike many creams it did not irritate my skin.  It is very hydrating, light-weight and after a couple of days’ use, I like to think I look a bit more awake and infinitely more gorgeous.  I’d buy this again for sure.

Estée Lauder- Pure Envy Color Matte Lipstick 

It’s not every day a girl gets to test out a luxurious gold lipstick from the one and only Estée Lauder.  I was stoked to see it was a matte lipstick, as for me, matte is where it’s at.  I prefer it to its shinier cousins as it’s subtle, understated, enigmatic – rather how I’d like to be.  The exquisite gold and clear acrylic packaging made my heart sing.  So how did it perform?  Impeccably is my verdict! It survived very well even after six full hours of chatting, eating, drinking (through a straw), pouting etc., and only then did it need a touch up.  Unlike many matte lipsticks, I found this to be surprisingly hydrating. Fantastic product, my only complaint is that I now have to have one in every colour.

MAC- Patent polish lip pencil 

I was excited to test out Mac’s new lip pencil as the famous MAC Spice lip pencil was my faithful companion throughout my twenties.  So my heart skipped a beat when I read the words ‘MAC – Patent Polish Lip Pencil.  I chose the ‘Hopelessly Devoted’ shade which may not immediately identify itself as a clear, bright, fuschia colour.  And a gorgeous raspberry shade at that. I wondered if it would live up to its distant cousin. Happily, it did. I really liked the way it gave my lips a light sheen and the fuschia colour was not overbearing due to the glossy, semi-gel like formula. Perfect for day wear.  I only used one thin layer for a subtle look, but for a show-stopping look I’d recommend a few applications.  The packaging is fabulous as well – self-sharpening lip pencils about the same size as popular chubby lip pencils. The bottoms of the tubes twist and the lippies screw up and down as needed. The tip of the lippies come rounded and easy to apply straight from the tube.  Recommend!

 Clinique- Pep start 2 in 1 exfoliating cleanser 

The product blurb said that this had ‘an enzyme exfoliation with papaya as well as a physical exfoliation with bamboo beads’.  I love anything with bamboo beads!  Gorgeous bright pink packaging makes this cleanser a delight to display in your bathroom.  I was excited to test it out and it did not disappoint.  I gently worked the product over my entire face and let it sit for about three minutes to let the enzymes work their magic.  The bamboo beads are strangely satisfyingly gritty and you can practically feel the baby soft skin presenting itself as you scrub.  I thought the texture of my skin looked markedly improved after one use and will definitely continue using this product.  Another winner for Clinique.



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