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Design fails – back to the drawing board for these guys 

Someone needs to sack the designer here. Or designers rather. Talk about fail! The guys responsible for some of these catastrophes need a lot more than just the boot. They need to go back to school and start over. There’s stairways to heaven, but not to the doors they are meant to lead to. Toilets that are impossible to use, and how about the ATM machine for the vertically challenged?

1) OK, so whoever fitted the sink clearly wasn’t on the same page as the guy whose job it was to fit the toilet. What came first? Chicken or the egg? Or in this case, toilet or the sink?

2) Nothing better than taking the kids to the park to have some fun on the slides. But don’t let your beloved use this one, you may never see them again.

3) Big Brother is watching you. Or in the case of this CCTV camera, Big Brother is watching a wall. And not much else.

4) Not much to say about this one, expect: Caution: Taps may electricute.

5) The next train to arrive at platform three… won’t be coming anywhere near platform three thanks to whoever is responsible for fitting this concrete block.

6) This is not an exit, as Brett Easton Ellis famously wrote in his hit novel American Psycho. This for sure is definitely not an exit.

7) You’ll need to bend it a lot like Beckham if you think your corner kick will reach the penalty box.

8) Led Zeppelin once sang, Stairway to Heaven. Not so for this stairway, that’s going absolutely nowhere fast.

9) Talk about a short investment, you’d have to be on the small side to use this cash machine. Or better still, just sit down.

10) We have no words.



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  1. I had no idea we had trains in Cayman now.

    This is not news.

  2. Who cares whether we have trains or not. Its funny. Get a sense of humour

  3. Who says news papers have to full of doom and gloom? This made me smile.