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What are the odds?

Fate really is a wonderful thing. Whether you’re a believer or not, there’s got to be something a little more than just coincidence things that happen that make you say out loud… What are the odds? Like the puppies born with markings to tell them apart, 1, 2, 3. Or how about the trucks side by side on the highway spelling out a very famous name? Is it fate? Is it divine intervention? Or is it just luck, pure and simple? You be the judge.

1) This bird knew exactly the right moment to land on the page – when the page was talking about him of course!

2) Puppies are always tricky to tell apart. Not in this case, they’ve all been marked to help confused owners.

3) Picture perfect moment as the illustration on the back of this truck matching the view perfectly.

4) This dragon fly must’ve thought he’d landed on a mirror.

5) Fans of Sesame Street? Or just pure coincidence?

6) Now what would have been a real twist of fate would have been if Taylor Swift herself took this picture.

7) This dog really does have the perfect watermark.

8) Is there anything worse than turning up at a party and seeing someone in the same outfit? Actually yes, there is.

9) If ever there was a job that’s just meant to be.

10) Do you think this air hostess had any idea what was on the poster behind her?

About Paul Kennedy

During a career that spans almost three decades, Paul has covered some of the biggest stories in the world for regional and national newspapers. A multi-award winning journalist and published author, he has worked for the past six years producing television news and documentaries in Cayman. Paul is also the host of a weekly football show. His dream story is to find a dog that can play piano.

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