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Our Culture

Vision Statement

To be the best and most trusted media source serving the Cayman Islands.

Mission Statement

To provide the Caymanian people with easy to understand, accurate and relevant news and information, so that they can make informed decisions pertaining to their lives.

Core Values

Leadership and Innovation – We believe in creating value through developing strong leaders that have the ability to think outside the box and following through on actions until successful.

Persistence and Tenacity – We are committed to standing firm in what we believe to be accurate and true after careful assessment. We hold fast to our endeavours and we keep pressing on towards our goals no matter the resistance or challenges we face.

Disciplined Approach – We strongly believe that a positive attitude and outlook in life is key in achieving success. We will strive to adhere to a positive code of behaviour in business and personal dealings.

Unity and Respect – We are one! One company, one team with the same vision, mission and purpose. We work together as one, building wholesome relationships among ourselves, partners and customers. We treat each other with the utmost respect regardless of ethnicity or belief, and do the same for our partners and customers.

Integrity – We believe in conducting ourselves with honesty and the highest ethical and moral standards in all our endeavours.

Balanced Life – We believe that the best employee is one that is positive and focused on achieving their goals. We acknowledge that a healthy work and life balance contributes to an excellent employee and person. For this reason, We are supportive of employees striking a balanced home and work life.

Community Involvement – We strive to make our communities better where we work and live by actively helping and participating in areas of need. Better communities make better businesses.

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