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Reshma Ragoonath


Reshma Ragoonath is a Trinidadian journalist with over 15 years experience. She was previously employed as a Senior Reporter with the Sunday Guardian, after having spent a number of years at the Trinidad Guardian, San Fernando Bureau. She has worked as Head of News at Heritage Radio 101.7FM in Trinidad and was a part-time journalism and communication lecturer with the College of Science, Technology and Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago (COSTATT.) She holds an Associate Degree in Journalism and Public Relations and a Bachelor in Mass Communications from COSTAATT.


Articles by Reshma Ragoonath

GM mosquito release halted

Judge grants late night injunction Today’s planned release of Genetically Modified mosquitoes in West Bay has been halted by the interim injunction granted last evening (Wednesday 13 July) in the Grand Court. HSM attorneys, acting on behalf of Dwene Ebank, applied for judicial review and an application for a stay …

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ICTA investigators denied entry into Flow

Fa’amoe- “There was some confusion about the remit of ICTA” Information & Communications Technology Authority (ICTA) investigators were reportedly denied entry into Flow’s Eastern Avenue headquarters on Wednesday (13 July) when they attempted to serve notice and obtain documents from the telecommunications giant as part of an ongoing investigation. According …

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Bryan opens campaign office

Independent Kenneth Bryan, the first candidate to declare his intention to contest the May 2017 polls, will take his campaign a step further today (Thursday 14 July) with the official opening of his campaign headquarters in George Town. Mr Bryan, who declared his intention in May to contest the George …

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Theresa May takes office

Leadership rival Boris Johnson named Foreign Secretary Newly appointed UK Prime Minister Theresa May wasted no time in getting down to business as she took over the reins from David Cameron on Wednesday (13 July) appointing David Davis Brexit Secretary and axing Chancellor George Osborne. Mrs May, who became the …

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All systems ready for GM mosquito release

Reshma Ragoonath Councillor for Health Roy McTaggart says barring bad weather this Thursday all systems are a go for the release of genetically modified mosquitoes aimed at combating the spread of the Zika virus and controlling its carrier the Aedes aegypti mosquito. Mr McTaggart, speaking with The Cayman Reporter on …

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Social assistance cases on the decline

Statistics show overall drop in figures Reshma Ragoonath Even though there continues to be a backlog of applications at the Needs Assessment Unit, the latest statistics from the Economics and Statistics Office has shown a steady decline in the number of people and families receiving social assistance. The sharpest drops, …

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Caymanians dominate senior official, manager posts

Construction, household employers attract highest number of work permits Reshma Ragoonath Caymanians have continued to clench top senior official and manager positions with statistics showing some 2,633 Caymanians holding top posts in 2015 as compared to 1,233 Non-Caymanians even though Non-Caymanian employment outweighs local employment by 2,406 overall. This according …

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Theresa May named as UK’s next Prime Minister

Premier- Quick leadership change good for both UK and OTs Reshma Ragoonath UK Home Secretary Theresa May is set to take over the reins of leadership from David Cameron tomorrow (Wednesday 13 July) making her the UK’s second female Prime Minister. This after incumbent Prime Minister David Cameron on Monday …

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