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Ron is a former Cayman based sports editor. He is a best-selling author and novelist, and has worked as a sub-editor on some of the U.K.’s leading national newspapers. He is a certified tutor in English, writing assignments for various publications and websites and ghostwriting memoirs for the London-based publishers Story Terrace. A veteran journalist of more than 30 years standing, Ron’s area of expertise includes sports, human interest and local news reporting.


Ron Shillingford,author

Articles by Ron Shillingford

Golovkin will stay king

Forget last month’s ‘Farce of the Century’, the real blockbuster fight happens this weekend at the same Las Vegas venue. The boxing community’s eyes will all be focused on the T-Mobile Arena again as Gennady “GGG” Golovkin goes toe to toe with Saul “Canelo” Alvarez in a middleweight matchup guaranteed …

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Caribbean’s greatest performers

The Caribbean has always produced great performers whose music is adored worldwide. Jamaican music is the best known and mostly widely played but Trinidad has by far the longest history of recorded music. 10 Calypso Rose Calypso Rose is a legendary calypso singer who is still going strong at 77. …

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Go to Dominica – and live forever

The tiny island of Dominica in the Windward Islands should be on every Cayman resident’s bucket list. Yes, it’s another Caribbean island but it’s light years behind the prosperous, modern style of Cayman. Dominica is renowned for its indigenous population’s longevity. Despite being extremely poor with limited health care, many …

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Celebs spotted all over the Caribbean

The Caribbean has always been a welcome getaway for celebrities and at this time of year spotting a Hollywood A-lister or rock star is becoming increasingly common because virtually everyone has a smartphone to capture the moment. The Cayman Islands is a magnet for celebs because it is so accessible …

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Stafford edges up rankings

When squash ace Cameron Stafford turned pro a few years ago, his sole intention was to rise the world rankings and really put Cayman on the map. There have been setbacks but he has stuck to it and now Stafford has a top 100 place in his sights. He said: …

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Windies truce on the way

West Indies are without a host of big names for their Test series in England, preferring to pick inexperienced youngsters. This is surprising because speculation was that past disputes had been put aside and many exiled stars were going to be recalled. But the good news is that there is …

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Cuba still has far to go

On my first visit to Cuba in 2007 I was warned not to talk openly about local politics to Cubans or even the football people I travelled with from Cayman. Such was the sensitivity about Fidel Castro’s controversial communist rule, everyone was literally too scared to voice their opinions lest …

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Festivals keep ‘em coming

Music festivals in the Caribbean have grown exponentially in recent years thanks to the drawing power of social media. They were already popular but in images of having all that fun on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram has lured many more to the region. Various islands host music extravaganzas throughout …

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Sealy keeps them frustrated

They say that goalkeepers are the maddest members of a football team because of the hazards associated with that position. Yes, there have been some eccentric keepers over the years in world football, but when it comes to the Cayman national stopper, they could not have found a more level …

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London has so much to offer

Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner that I love London so, the classic Cockney song goes. And, yes, I do get a funny feeling inside of me just walking up and down. People in big cities rarely make time to see the tourist sights and take advantage of the attractions. …

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