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Choose Laughter

Faye Lippitt

Faye Lippitt is a Canadian journalist living in Grand Cayman with her husband Greg. Together they raised six children in eight years, four of which arrived in pairs. To keep her head above water, Faye began writing about the crazy things the children would say and do, and these became …

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Your voice counts


By Catherine Tyson This is an election year and the buzz is in the air but so many people, young and old, feel that they should not vote.  Some people are apathetic about the whole ordeal saying they don’t care of that it does not affect them. And some just …

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Obama’s Caribbean legacy is debatable

Dr Livingston Smith

By Livingston Smith America’s 44th president and first black man to hold this powerful office, Barack Obama, is now completing the final few days in office. The individual set to succeed him, could not be more different, it appears, in style and substance. Obama must in his private moments of …

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Choose Laughter: Bowling

Author Faye Lippitt

By Faye Lippitt I took the kids bowling today. Greg was at work, and our church group had planned a family day at the lanes long ago, so thinking it might be entertaining for the kids, we set out. *Note to self: kids don’t need any extra entertaining. Life for …

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Public transport problems


In a small place like Cayman, specifically Grand Cayman, you would probably expect that there would be a relatively robust public transportation system. Given that the island is roughly made up of just 100 square miles, and approximately 24 miles long from end to end, it should be easy. Right? …

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Ringing in a New Year


So, 2017 is here and ready or not so are we right along with it. For some it may have felt like that scoundrel of a year 2016 was out to get us. However, with the right mindset, we can make 2017 so much better. The possibilities are endless with …

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Sweeping it under the rug


Those in our community and leadership who express surprise at the upsurge in violent crime in the Cayman Islands in the past decade are a part of the problem, which has been as plain as the noses on their faces for some time to those of us who choose not …

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Living in ‘post-truth’ times

The Vote Leave campaigned on the assertion that, “We send the EU £350 million a week. Let’s fund our NHS instead.”

By Thomas Johnson Our English language changes all the time. Words fall out of fashion. New expressions appear in conversations and on the internet or in print. People invent words. The Oxford English Dictionary tries to keep pace with the new verbal landscape and announces a “Word of the Year”, …

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