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The Cayman Reporter believes in freedom of speech, without fear of retribution. Unfortunately, due to the size of our small island, many people in Cayman believe that by using their real name they might face repercussions. We therefore allow our reader’s to post their comments anonymously, or by using a pseudonym.

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Revised March 22, 2017.


  1. Concerned Angered Citizen

    My brothers and sisters,

    As a fellow Caymanian I am deeply troubled by the matters unfolding around me and to be fair I do not ever inject my stance on politics or practices in a public forum. However, I will not stay silent and watch as the “powers that be” ostracize and try to diminish the law abiding citizens of this country.

    The most disgusting sight is a power hungry, Donald Trumplike employee dealing with people in an unprofessional and condescending manner. My first instance of such injustice was when when I heard that the transportation board had begun regulating the bus and taxi drivers out there. Now I do not mind regulations and rules to enhance / improve the efficacy of current practice. In contrast, I heard many complaints from, especially the long standing drivers on the “hoop jumping” exercises they had to undergo to have their bus “approved” by the said board. For example, a uniform was introduced and very precise regulations (such as displaying window signs and taxi numbers) to adhere to were outlined to all drivers. Again, nothin wrong with streamlining the process. Many drivers opted to make their own signs and a few drivers would make and sell the stickers and signs to the other drivers.

    Now many of our bus and taxi drivers have been forming their own companies and have their governing rules and regulations as companies do and prior to the existence of the said board created their own rates. These rate books were sold to all drivers and is what has been in use for over three decades. As the cost of living is on a steady increase with no hope of reprieve, the drivers decided they would incur a slight increment on the rates. For example if it was $10 for 1-3 passengers to George Town the new rate became $10 for 1-2 for the same route. Letters were sent, from Aug 2015, to the transportation board and tourism department stating what the drivers had suggested about the rate book revisions. There has been no response issued to the letters to date. Again the drivers who created and distributed the first book began to revise and create a new book to be sold to the drivers as agreed by the drivers themselves. A few drivers had the draft of the rate books to review prior to approval by the board.

    Obviously the transportation board was informed of the new book and which drivers were working on it. They immediately began to issue letters as a disciplinary measure to stop the process. The said board claimed to be responsible for rates and came up with new rates that most taxi drivers complained did not adequately address the cost of living increase. The drivers were warned about creating the new rate book were then blocked from getting their ID cards and have since been written by the said board to delicense their vehicles and stop driving for six months.

    This is what really irritates me about this process and I began to reflect as all good practitioners do. Do drivers work for and are salaried by the transportation board? NO! Were there contracts signed to indicate that drivers cannot capitalize on the needs of other driver I.e. Making signs, shirts, rate books? NO! Additionally, who will pay these drivers’ bills while their livelihood is restricted for six months? Will it be the transportation board? NO it won’t!

    If you have the time go and check the transportation board’s website. There is virtually nothing on there. No rules, policies, laws and regulations yet every year drivers complain of new requirements to renew their licenses. I say NO MORE!

    I fail to see how this is fair and am beginning to see why this country is spiraling into disarray. Such entities as the said board are squeezing the small men trying to make a living while the men at the top of the social ladder sit undisturbed, unbothered by such foolery. It must stop and it cannot go on! Stand up Cayman before our very birthright is stripped away from us. What kind of country in the world would allow a man’s livelihood to be taken without any laws being broken? NO WHERE and it should never be here in MY COUNTRY.

    Stop the foolery and begin with viable solutions that will benefit all citizens today.

    • From the outset you reveal yourself to be a foolish democrat-like disobedient of rules type. That is the most disgusting sight! You lost my attention from there. You can’t set your own rules like a Hillary Clinton!

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