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Refund Policy

Ads submitted electronically

Errors: Classified advertising placed through email are the responsibility of the person or persons creating the ad, and no refunds can be made for errors in the ad.

Errors in ads taken by the newspaper: errors must be reported immediately or before the next issue in which the ad is scheduled. The newspaper will refund the entire cost of the first week’s ad or re-run a corrected version, at the customer’s option.

Failure to run: a full refund will be made if an ad is not accepted by the publisher, or if the ad fails to run due to publisher error. All refund claims must be made within 30 days of the first date ad was to run.

Cancellation: no refund will be provided for an ad cancelled after the closing date of the issue in which the ad is to run.

Error: no refund will be provided when the advertisement is provided in electronic form by the advertiser.

Error by the publisher: the publisher will provide a “make good” advertisement in the next issue correcting the error, or will refund the cost of a pre-paid ad if a make good is not possible.

Refunds will be made to the credit card, if paid for by a credit card.

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