Back in 2015, we started asking ourselves questions : what causes sleep disturbances?  Why do we keep drowsing off during the day? Why can’t we sleep at night? What are bed bugs and how can we get rid of them ? How can you stop a person from snoring? 

In a world where technological improvement is the mainstream, and the internet being the new artificial  “ go to person”,  it’s crazy how you can still waste hours searching for answers. For this reason, we set out to make thing more convenient. Today, we are able to reach out and help people by providing answers to their common  ‘ sleep’ questions, all in one place. 

But would you like to know what gets us out of bed every morning? 

Helping Moms who never seem to get enough sleep, Dads who often start their day already feeling exhausted, kids who go to school too sleepy to learn anything . Travelers, teachers, rich people, regular 9 to 5 people . Everyone whose health and livelihood are dependent on their abilities to get quality rest and  sleep. 

Here at Cayman News Island, we don’t just give answers. We talk to our audience. We understand the issues. And by offering concrete guidelines, we provide solutions.  


Our core value is to provide honest and  unbiased approach to sleep related issues . 


Improve the lives of our valued audience by providing clear and well thought of articles geared towards helping them achieve optimum sleep and improve their overall well-being. 


We provide informative articles that focus  on significant issues related to sleep . Along with these articles are general overview of the topics and clear, easy to follow tips and guidelines.  


Jeff is a former human resource consultant who specialized in employee relations and productivity. This enabled him to get an insight on the factors affecting  employee productivity . He found out that inability of getting optimum quality of sleep triggers  a decline in overall employee performance. This inspired him to research and write about ways to improve sleep quality. This laid the foundation and paved the way for  Cayman News Island. 


For all of us who venture in this world and go about doing our daily tasks, sleep time is an opportunity for recharging our tired mind and body. Rest enables our body to rejuvenate , so that we are ready to face the hustle and bustle of the succeeding days. In reality though, not everyone is able to achieve this. It is for this reason that we decided to come up with articles and posts dealing with the most common causes of sleep inadequacy and disturbance . From tackling sleep disorders like apnea and narcolepsy, to learning sleep inducing practices,  to proper relaxation techniques to induce sleep, and we even teach you how to minimize snoring!  With our posts, we hope to help you achieve health, happiness, and yes, sweet dreams… 

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