Does Boric Acid Kill Bed Bugs?

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Realizing that you have a bed bug, or a couple of bed bugs in your bed, can actually play a major role in ruining your entire day ahead. All one can think about, are ways to get rid of the blood-sucking insects. One thing is clear, which is that the presence of bed bugs in your bed is not something to be taken lightly, in fact, it is very serious. Whoever is having trouble with bed bugs, just wants them out as soon as possible.

If you too are someone who is having similar issues regarding the arrival of bed bugs at your place, then you are in dire need of good quality information about how to get rid of them. It’s not just the beds that these bugs are capable of ruining since these bugs are naturally attracted to the dark cracks on the human body. This information leads to the realization that once they enter your homes, it’s not just the beds where they will be found, but your entire place.

What really is boric acid?

Coming to the question which is asked almost all the time that does boric acid kill bed bugs? First, you need to know what this acid really is and its properties. The powder which is taken from water and boron in chemical form is referred to as boric acid. It is usually called to be an acid which bears oxygen. Another piece of information is that this boric acid is also found in hot springs, minerals, volcanic waters and that too naturally. Boric acid has proved to be quite helpful in a lot of areas which include medical places, households, and health concerns.

Although it is absolutely true that while using any chemical product, you have to be very careful and use stuff with caution, but boric acid has proved to be quite less harmful as compared to other chemical products. But the caution needs to be there, and you cannot eliminate care while using such chemicals.

Boric acid for bedbugs

There are a lot of people who believe in using boric acid for the killing of bed bugs. But you will be surprised to know that there are many experts in the industry, who strongly advise people not to use it. The thing is that boric acid is not the only solution to this problem, there are other ways to handle them, and in fact, it is not even very effective.

According to a study it has been stated that if you really want finish these bed bugs in your bed, then you have to use such a product which they will take in, eat or drink.  What boric acid does at this point is that it plays a major role in destroying their exoskeleton, but does not completely eradicate the bugs forever. There has to be more. If you talk about baits, then human blood will prove to be much better of bait for bed bugs as compared to boric acid.

Boric acid

Boric acid

The experts are still researching on the idea that is boric acid safe to be used by humans, that whether or not it can cause some serious issues if it comes into contact with your skin. If you have made your decision that no matter what you are going to go for boric acid while trying to get rid of bed bugs, then it is highly recommended that you guys read the back of the container in order to avoid any possible damage. It is not considered to be a smart move if you spread boric acid on the places which have direct contact with your skin; these places include your pillows and mattresses etc.

If you sprinkle some of the boric acid on the bed, but not your mattress and pillows, then you may believe that it will succeed in killing only a certain amount of the bed bugs but not every single one of them. Then again, what’s the logic behind using something which is not even going to get rid of them?

Alternative ways

  • Laundry more:



As soon as you find out that you have bed bugs in your bed, then the first thing you need to do is wash everything. If you don’t do this, then the presence of these bugs will make your sleep even hard, resulting in a no sleep but not tired, sort of situation. While washing your bed sheet, pillow covers and stuff, make sure that the heat is on, as heat is an effective way to kill bed bugs. When you are drying everything, then the driers should be really hot as well.

  • Use steam cleaning or vacuum:

The areas which are included in the outer portion of your bed; box spring, mattress and all, need to be vacuumed as soon as it is possible for you.  Try doing it with a one where the tube is attached, as it will lead to better results. After you are done with the process of vacuuming, you have to get rid of all the dirt and bugs you have caught in the bag attached. Do the disposing of in a proper dustbin, outside of your homes. Do not sleep in bath. Once you have completed the vacuuming, then the next thing you need to go for is steaming. Again steaming is a really effective way to kill all the bed bugs which are left on your bed. You have to make sure that you are not even leaving a single one behind.


The existence of bed bugs in your beds can prove to be nerve-wracking for many people, especially the ones who are highly concerned about the health of their family and themselves. Therefore you can try the ways mentioned above to help solve the problem of bed bugs for you.

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