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While having a very general form of conversation, people often tend to use the two words “tired” and “sleepy” in place of one another, but the thing to notice over here is that these two words have completely different meanings from each other. The signals towards which they point are also unlike.  First and foremost it is crucial for you to understand the correct meaning of these two words in order to use them in the right place, to convey the right message.

A good example of this could be that there is one person who may be suffering from a really bad headache but does not feel the urge to sleep just now. You have to understand one thing that it is not necessary to feel the need to sleep, while one is tired. Similarly, there is nothing to worry about if you are unable to sleep while feeling tired. While on the other hand, there is this feeling called being sleepy. This is also known as a discriminative stimulus for sleep. This feeling tells you that within just a couple of minutes you are going to fall asleep. The question which people struggle with the most is that, how is one supposed to figure out whether he/she is feeling sleepy or tired. Since they are two very different feelings, and requirements.

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Look for different signs which tell you exactly your feeling

Look for different signs which tell you exactly your feeling

Here, one thing you can do is that you can look for different signs which will tell you exactly, what you are feeling at that point. The signs include; itching in the eyes, pain in the muscles, not being able to stay active, lack of energy to do anything, yawning, etc. These things tell you that now is the time to go to sleep. If you have not experienced any of the signs as mentioned above, but you still force yourself to bed, then there is a very high possibility that you will not fall asleep. Your body does not react well to forced actions. In fact, you will actually notice yourself not being able to sleep; rather you may just lie there thinking about something else.

Active mind

The people who are unable to get sleep on their required timings are usually suffering from a condition where their kind is just not ready to sleep or even relax.  Their mind stays active for way too long. According to recent research carried out by the Great British Sleep Survey, it has been reported that the major reason behind these people being unable to sleep at night, is the unwanted activeness of their minds. You may have heard of the term sleep aid stop snoring a lot, well it does work.

For some people, it is very hard to not think about things which are going on in their lives, a bit too much. Whatever it may be, past, present or future, it’s pretty much all they are capable of doing. This stops them from falling asleep. Even if you are tired after a hectic day, an active mind can ruin your chance of getting a good night’s sleep. The more you think about things, the more active your mind will keep on getting, making the situation even worse.

Arousal heightened

Talking about thoughts and active mind, well they are definitely not the only things which can keep you from falling asleep.  There are various other factors which are responsible for a person feeling this way. Some people are used to exercising every single day of their lives. It is the way which helps them relax after a hectic day of work and other chores.

There is no doubt about the fact that, exercising brings about very positive changes in your body, which last you a lifetime. But if you are someone who has a habit of exercising before going to bed, after which you cannot fall asleep. Then you have to take a signal from this condition that maybe your body is not designed to digest exercise before sleep time. There is no such belief that every person will not be able to sleep after exercising at night, but there are some who feel that way. Therefore in order to overcome this problem, you might want to change your habit of exercising before bedtime.  Although in some cases exercise leads to a person getting better sleep, and those too long hours of sleep. But you have to keep in mind the exceptions as well.

Tired and sleepy

Tired and sleepy


The key to overcoming these issues in your life is hidden in the changing of certain habits in your life. You need to adopt such activities and patterns in your daily life, that lead you towards feeling much more relaxed; therefore you will definitely get better sleep. When there is lack of sleep, there is sleep in bath sort of situation; you may not want to deal with that.

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