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Having a popular skateboard bring you lots of benefits, mainly are:

  • You deserve the best quality – popular brands built their business with long-term focus, top-quality and best customer services, especially in the US.
  • Popular brands have big stocks and more options – every skateboarder has his/her unique personality to show off from the brand they buy. So you have many choices to customize what is best for YOU!

If you need more details, I have covered on the best skateboard brands that you can get right away!

Top 5 Best Skateboard Brands In The US

1. Plan B in Costa Mesa, California

Plan B Skateboards OG Foil Black / Silver / Red Skateboard - 8

Plan B Skateboards OG Foil Black / Silver / Red Skateboard – 8″

Company and/or team information:

In early 1991, Mike Ternasky, the founder of Plan B, has envisioned the brand as a rebirth of the skateboarding industry.

Back then, most senior business owners were controlling the overall skateboarding industry. They were no longer involved in skateboarding themselves.

The skateboarding community was small and fragmented among streets. There were little guidance and passion reserved for skateboarding at the time

This is the main reason for Ternasky starting with Plan B. He dreamed about having a “super team” that consists of young skateboarders. The team will dedicate their effort to shake up the playground and fans in the community.

That brings us to the famous Plan B today. I call it a “Plan B” that works for you!

Features, art designs, and personality:

From the look of most plan B design, you can get the simple, yet iconic “Plan B” logo with the name of the team’s member. Or have a specific design that matches your personality.

How about the youthful and funny cartoon characters? Check out the Fast Food series These feature highly-detailed paint and drawing that looks very cool for you.

Or how about your favorite skateboarder’s signature?

Look for the Signature series – the calligraphy looks amazing on the polish deck that you can rarely find elsewhere.

My love is all for the Knucklehead series, they look funny and promote freestyle. There are many designs to consider here.

Just take your time to see what present you best!

2. Element in Irvine, California

Element Gloves Off Twigs 7.6

Element Gloves Off Twigs 7.6″ Complete Skateboard Inch Complete Skateboard Multi Colored 7.6

Company and/or team information:

Not far from Costa Mesa, Element has its headquarter in Irvine to compete as one of the most dominant brands.

Everyone in the skateboarding playground knows about Element! The brand even consists of the 30 professionals in the team by far. They work, skate and support each other like a big family.

Founded back in 1992, Johnny Schillereff has combined natural concepts of Wind, Fire, Water, and Earth. Each element gives a wonderful story that so compelling till today.

It definitely worth your time to read in details on the company website. With Element top-qualities, it has grown popular globally, not just the US, and earns lots of love from the community.

You definitely won’t regret having an Element deck for your arsenal.

Features, art designs, and personality:

Element decks are very durable while maintaining a reasonable price between $50-60. You can’t ask for a better price from such a premium brand here.

As for the art designs, there are plenty of them to feast your eyes!

Since Element has a big team of professionals, they unleash lots of creativity at your service! You can get the simple logo plus patterns, or even to the extremely detailed painting.

The stocks are huge to browse!

If you want icons and artistic letters, check out the MLB series. This is best for you if your deck match with your name initials. I highly suggest you pick MLB as a gift too.

For me, I prefer the Timber Slipt Paint series with the curated art style and contrasting black/white colors. You can both appreciate the simplicity and great precision artwork on such a deck.

Don’t just take my word for it!

Have a quick look through their store to find the design that matches you.

3. Real in San Francisco, California

Real Skateboard Complete Team Watermelon Green 7.75

Real Skateboard Complete Team Watermelon Green 7.75″

Company and/or team information:

With Real Skateboard, you obviously get the “real” skateboard for the “real” skateboarder!

Regardless if you are a beginner or professional, pushing your limit is the only way up in this sport. When you fall, it is about getting right up and start again. This is how Real has grown over the years too!

Tommy Guerrero and Jim Thiebaud founded Real in 1991. Back then, the brand did go on plenty of hardship and challenges. However, the team kept it together and develop a unique style in the community.

For now, the brand is under Deluxe Distribution. The young team members still hold the key to all the innovative designs and skateboard quality.

Check this brand out and show some support!

Features, art designs, and personality:

With Real, you have lots to consider here!

If you prefer cool and badass style, see yourself on the Busenitz all-star series. It features multiple color mixes, sharp “as fuck” shuriken, and tough wood construction.

Want something more attractive? Then you should head for Zion Wright Queen, I just fell in love right away with the sexy artwork on the Queen. The best part is your deck can glow in the dark!

As for Tommy Guerrero’s design, the calligraphy is very cool and blend well with the wood pattern. It also comes with a track record of “When Clouds Ignite” which is quite an awesome deal here.

So don’t hesitate to get one for yourself soon, as the stocks are limited!

4. Zero in Carlsbad, California

Zero Skateboard Complete Single Skull 8.25

Zero Skateboard Complete Single Skull 8.25

Company and/or team information:

If you are a fan of a sick and deadly skateboard, Zero is the right brand to go here!

Though the brand has nine team members, including the founder Jamie Thomas. Back in 1996, Jamie started Zero to embrace a new generation of skateboarders and fight mediocrity in the industry.

Today, Zero has Dwindle Distribution has taken over the business management. However, you don’t have to worry since the team still uphold the core spirit of this brand.

All of the creative and design processes have each member influence inside. Stay tuned as I discuss more Zero’s designs right below!

Features, art designs, and personality:

When we have a look through Zero store, there is no good or bad design here!

They are all deadly and full of terror!

Most Zero designs and artwork are colorful and top-detail oriented. You can see lots of color mixes along with unique personality presentation on the deck. There is no way that I can summarize everything on one post about Zero’s designs.

From my interpretation, Zero artwork reminds me to embrace my fears and the darkness inside. There will be moments that you doubt yourself or fail miserably.

Yet, a life without truly and fully experienced is a regrettable life!

Broken bones, bleeding and other injuries won’t stop you from skateboarding.

5. Almost in El Segundo, California

Almost Gradient FLIP Skateboard Complete-7.0 Black

Almost Gradient FLIP Skateboard Complete-7.0 Black

Company and/or team information:

Here is a brand having lots of social interaction!

You can easily hear Almost from many skateboarding social media. The brand also has its Almost Famous and other individual shows. Prepare yourself to be amazed at the pros performance!

Similar to Zero, Almost has Dwindle Distribution to help with its global sales. Almost has a small team since its establishment in 2003.

With Rodney Mullen’s leadership, the founder, the brand has made a reputable name in the industry.

Features, art designs, and personality:

What is the main highlight here?

You have to consider what type of construction for your deck. Each construction has its pros and cons depending on your style and usage.

For example, I really enjoy the Impact Support series as it has a carbon fiber disk around the truck mounting area. They prevent huge impacts that might damage or cause cracks on your deck from a rough landing.

There are other constructions too, so make sure you read through each deck description carefully!

Almost artwork designs are plentiful. Most of them have a bright color theme along with funny artwork. From childish paintings to artistic cartoon, they will cheer you up and activate your creativity.

I have myself a Clean Ring design with Impact Support to hit the street.

What about you? What is your style? Don’t miss out on Almost!

What is the point here?

Choosing your skateboard from the popular brands is a safe bet here!

You won’t have to worry if the quality of the deck is good or not. These brands survived through many hardships over decades for a reason.

Still, we can’t underestimate the professional team dedication for each of their deck design. It is time for us, regardless of our skill level, to show some support and positive feedbacks.

I wish this article help you to gain some general insight. Good luck with your skateboard searches!



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