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No matter how funny it may sound to you, but sleeping in the bath can be pretty adventurous and exciting. It comes in handy, especially when you have guests visiting your place, and there is not much arrangement for sleeping, so you have to give up your bed. There are also times when you are traveling with your friends or relatives, you all scoot into one hotel room to cut the costs of an extra room, in that case sleeping in the bath can be an option, when there is not much bed arrangement.  All you need to do is follow a couple of steps, and it will lead you towards the making of a perfect bed in the bath.

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1. Preparation of the bathtub:

The first thing is that you have to make arrangements for your comfort, sleeping on the hard material won’t be too good of an idea. Therefore first lie down and notice whether it fits you right or not, it may not fit right if you are overweight, tired of being fat should not be your concern at that point. If you want to ensure a good night’s sleep, then you have to make sure that the bathtub is big enough for your body to do a bit of stretching, through the night. You have to consider the comfort level of your body parts, including the spine and shoulders. You don’t want to wake up with pain all over your body. If the tub is too short for you, then you can sleep on the bath floor.

2. Making it clean and dry:

As you are already aware that bathtubs are used by everyone for showering purposes, therefore it is important for you to clean it and dry it up; a wet bath is not a good idea. In fact, it will be even better for you to not use the tub at least 4 to 5 hours before making your bed in it. Clean the tub to get rid of any soap.

3. Clear the clutter:

No one wants the bottles of soap or shampoo falling on top of them in the middle of the night; therefore it is advised that you clear anything which is laid on the sides of the tub. It is possible that the bottles may fall open, which can be dangerous. But be careful with the things, you don’t want to throw them away, just place them on some other counter.

4.      Gather all the bed supplies:

If you are hoping for a comfortable sleep, then you will need a couple of layers of padding, so that it’s soft enough for you. Gently and neatly place them in setting in all corners. Place the pillow you will need for the night and of course, a blanket to stay cozy. If you get no sleep but not tired, then you can easily get all supplies ready to sleep in the bath.

Sleep in the bath

Sleep in the bath

5.  Build a bed like nest:

By just putting in a little bit of effort you can get yourself a really cozy bed to sleep in. Fold a couple of blankets or bed sheets, and then fold them. After that, place them turn by turn inside the tub. This will turn out to be a kid of mattress, for you to lie down on. You have to be sure that the folding which you have done is wide enough that it reaches all the corners of the tub, if the sheets fall short then you can always make use of some cushions. Otherwise, you will touch the hard sides of the tub while moving in the night. The place where you will be keeping your head should have a pillow; otherwise get ready to have a headache in the morning or a cramp. The height of the pillow should be such that it supports your head at night.

6. Get yourself a blanket:

The bathroom is such a place which you are not aware whether it is going to be cold at night over there, or warm. Therefore it is always better to stay prepared. If you are not in the mood of doing the process of padding in the tub, then you can even use a sleeping bag for that matter. The advantage you will gain by using that is you won’t have to go through the entire process of folding the layers of sheets. But if you don’t have a sleeping bed, then the above-mentioned way will work just fine for you.

Get a blanket

Get a blanket

7. Go to sleep:

Before finally getting into the bath tub, make sure to get a couple of things prepared for the morning, so that you can get ready as soon as you wake up. For example, getting the clothes which are going to wear the next morning, your phone so that you can set and check the alarm at the time you have set. Make sure that there is a switch in there as well so that if the battery dies for some reason you can easily charge it up.  Bring something for entertainment for example a laptop, because bathrooms can be a bit of a boring place.

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The above-mentioned things were some of the ways, which if followed can really prove to be beneficial while up setting up the bed, to sleep in bath. By taking care of some of the things, you will sleep easy and comfortably. When done with preparing your bed in bath, position yourself for the night or just simply read yourself a book, to fall asleep.

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